Here is an example of how internet (including Youtube) can be used to help others!

Youtube star Bryan Lanning finally found his father after living more than two decades without knowing him at all. “I don’t have a really big family, it’s just my mom, my sister and me,” he said as cited from PEOPLE. “I didn’t know my dad when I was growing up.”

He then recounted that one day after he and his wife vlogged about the fact that he did not know his father, he got contacted by the locator for Oprah Troy Dunn. “He said our viewers had reached out asking for him to help. He did some work and reached out and I was able to meet my dad.”

Lanning then shared his current condition with his family. “Missy and I both grew up with very little money, but now we can do things for our family because we followed our passion.”

“We feel so blessed to be able to do that. Ollie got to go to the premiere of Zootopia! It’s amazing that we can offer him such cool things. It’s really cool to be able to provide our kids with that.” he added.