In recent years, this is the most significant upgrade to the desktop version of the browser on the Russian Internet giant.



Most changes affected the interface. Now the active tab on the panel is painted in the color of the main open-site, and all others are translucent. For convenience, the tab bar, you can move down as well as set the minimum width for the roots. If you open a lot of tabs, and they will not fit on the screen, including scrolling.

More in “Yandex Browser” appeared live wallpaper, and now all new tabs open to the animated background.


Familiar to users of the mobile version of the browser and launcher Feed “Yandeks.Dzen” took place in the bottom of the New Tab page. Are selected using machine intelligence materials which, according to the system may be of interest to users, they are displayed here in the form of cards. They can drag gesture swipe or click and read the article in its entirety.

Also changes were intelligent search string. She learned to show the certificate of famous personalities, events and give definitions for the concepts of the popular user queries.


Established technology Protect replenished protected online payment mode, which disables all extensions that can make browser exploits, and a more rigorous way the pages are checked digital security certificates. In addition to this there is a new menu with information about the site’s certificate, connection reliability and the possible risks.

In the near future, “Yandex Browser” will be updated automatically, but if you can not wait, the new version can be installed now .