There is a magic word – “tomorrow”! “Oh, now, it does not work, but tomorrow … or Monday, but no other case on Monday … then Monday next week …”.

Or this: “Hurray, I was able to start running in the morning! How amazing! Indeed, so much better live. ” And another day out, and even the next day: “Life is changing for the better! I’m done! “And then …” something the weather turned bad, the mood was at zero, in line rude, mother in law came … to give up. But soon begin again! For example, Monday … “.

Somehow, we always put off our plans. And when, finally, is it so hard to remain faithful to his intention, to do something consistently and systematically. How many times have you started a new life? I decide it’s time to stop eating fat and sweet, do sports, to start to get up early in the morning? The list of desired changes can be continued indefinitely.

Sometimes even a good reason can not get rid of a bad habit, not to mention the acquisition of habits, which benefits not obvious to us. Here, Tanya says that every day gets up at 5 am and take a contrast shower – what if she is cheating? And suddenly it was not useful?

Why dream

Only now, after some time, I realized, until you find enough motivation to get the habit, promising a bright future, it will not work. And the motivation is not an abstract ( “it is better for health”), as an important for you! Turn imagination and dream, imagine a new life with this habit. What is new, good, interesting things will be added along with it?

Example . Maybe with a run in your life will enjoy nature and fresh air, meet new people, or, on the contrary, the ability to immerse yourself in, to be alone.

As part of the dream is better to choose not what you want to achieve in the distant future, but that will delight you every day. Otherwise, you can quickly discouraged and give up everything ( “did not run in the past month slender and athletic, like all runners and will not deal with them”).

Set realistic goals

Think about what you personally want to achieve with the new habits and put a realistic goal that can be achieved in a short time, and a great goal for a long time.

Example . If you get up every day at 4:30, then waking up the child I will have 3:00. Multiply 3 hours on 7 days – get 21 hours of free time (of which we must be fair to subtract half an hour daily for something to tidy himself up). Total – 17.5 hours in a week.

What can you do during this time? Brush up your English, learn the 10-hour courses in style, stay at home spring cleaning, get a remote education … The mass of options!
we formulate the problem

Once we set a specific goal (to improve your English level to Beginner to Elementary), you need to break it down into tasks. For example, during the first week of mastering the grammar, in the second – Vocabulary, on the third – improving pronunciation. Over the longer term, you can improve your level of English to medium.

And so on and so forth. Thus for maternity leave, you may have to learn a new profession for himself a designer or open your Internet resource. Or maybe you already have a job, in spite of maternity leave, but not enough for her time and effort. Or do you work in an office five days a week, and want to start learning something else, or just do something for fun.

Of course, we can afford to say, “We ought to start a healthy lifestyle, early to bed, early to rise.” But until we decide that we want to win at the expense of the new regime, and not to put simple goals, to achieve stability will be very difficult. In addition to the mythical conceptions of health should still be some motivation. In my next article, devoted to how to learn to go to bed early and wake up early, I will explain how I formed at this habit and that acquired through it.

Seek support and be ready to account

An important role in the formation of habits of playing support of the people around you. “Why are you tormenting”, “Running is bad for the heart,” “C’mon, salt is much more harmful than sugar, eat cake, I prepared it myself” – be prepared to hear such remarks constantly. But! Now almost everyone has an account in social networks – so why not use it as a huge field for support?

Ever since I started to get up early and write about it on his page on Facebook, many people, even strangers, began to monitor my progress and encourage me with the words: “Well done! How do you do it? That’s what I want, “Someone writes comments, someone – the communication to correspond in the morning, so as to stimulate yourself to wake up earlier. I had a responsibility ! I publicly announced that I would get up early and write ‘good morning’ on his page, so that since the escape routes are cut off – will not be recognized because that gave up on the third day.

With the entry into your life good habits, you will always be glad to surprises and new opportunities. Everyone is going to be something different: love, business contacts, compliments, extending the life prospects. When we are changing, and changing our life! Here is a quote from the book of motivational speaker and businessman Adam Jackson “10 secrets of happiness”: “Every moment is a choice, the shaping of our destiny. The thought is a grain of action, action creates a habit, habits constitute the nature and character shapes our destiny. ”

Instead of a conclusion

Why is the name of the article is written with heshtegom #? In order to want to do something, you need an instant! Doing exercises each day to praise yourself for small accomplishments, to drink 1.5 liters of water per day, on time for the meeting, read before bedtime, learn a foreign language for at least 20 minutes, but every day, etc.

What new habit you would like to acquire? Pick and choose, and I offer Matrony.ru lead social media blog wins. Write on his page on Facebook or VKontakte small post with the hashtag

Yamenyayus # # # zhelannayaprivychka day1

(In my case # vstavatsvoskhodomlozhitsyaszakatom who want to join and write at the same hashtag).

Describe in this post your plan and ask for support from friends. Every day, write such posts Reports (long or short as you want) and become a party to a large flash mob # YaMenyayus. Let’s change ourselves, as well as encourage and support lrugih!

How long to write posts and to share their successes? There is a myth that for the formation of new habits need 21 days. In fact, it is a minimum. If the habit is more serious than drinking a glass of water before a meal, you will need more time. Scientists say that, on average, this process takes 66 days, but there are habits to acquire that require more time.

Thus, the blog publishing duration you choose for yourself, but the best to say about it in the first post (and later corrected). For example, I planned my personal flashmob within 21 days, but soon decided to extend to 66 days.

And do not be too hard to imagine: slept, slept well, we’re not robots. In those days, I just write: “Today got up late, at 7am. But how cool that is now 7 am – it is too late! “.