Women with the problem of excess weight, coming to psychologists and nutrition consultants, often complain about the same thing: “At work, I forget to eat, and how you do not want, but in the evening …”.

this mechanism has long been known, usually classified as a binge eating disorder, which is a reaction to stress. The mechanism of a known, but, nevertheless, continues to successfully conduct subversive activities, spoiling the stomachs and mood, moving arrows scales in the wrong direction, causing the handle to various rigid diet and doctors.

Sometimes the opposite situation: prolonged or severe stress leads to loss of appetite, and weight decreased quite sharply. However, access to specialists with this issue is not accepted, because thinness is encouraged and even envy in today’s society.

Both of these stories – about eating disorders, and in both cases, preventive action is better than cure. To just take care of themselves, let’s analyze how stress affects our relationship with the food, in particular – in which the trap eating we get to the nerve.

How our brain responds to stress

So, in “survival” mode, we find a situation of stress, and all our focus is on ensuring the vital functions, while other signals are sidelined or blocked. But what signal does not pass hunger temporarily, it does not mean that the physiological need disappeared – it is only postponed until better times. And when they will come (for example, the evening before the fridge), the body will still be reserved for future use and, as “knows” that tomorrow at work again to be all hands on deck, and hardly will feed time.

Imagine in the wild antelope escape from a predator, trying to grab on the run and eat a piece of paper posochnee. The absurdity? Or, if you have not eaten antelope, it will continue to chew the grass in accordance with their physiological needs without trying to seize a beautiful flower just the horror. For the antelope, they say, Gestalt closed. But the food a person’s behavior is constructed differently. We live in a society, and, as social beings, the various “noise” of emotional and psychological problems often poorly distinguish between physiological hunger signals. Or confuse them with completely different needs. And the food, in addition to its main task of providing the body with energy, and also performs a lot of non-food functions.

Traps, aggravating the situation, insidious that permeate our lives under the innocent guise of “today it happened, one time will not nothing wrong.” But the effect of gradually accumulated, resulting in the formation of stable behavioral patterns, to get rid of that much more difficult.

Trap one: “I forgot to eat.”

Actually, this trap was devoted to the entry. It remains to find a way to neutralize it. The recipe has also long been known for the saying. “War is war, and the scheduled lunch” Authorship attributed to King soldiers – Frederick William the First. Against this historical background, our office excuses look pretty bleak. But seriously, on schedule, and the regularity of meals included in all programs for weight correction.

If stress makes you forget about the food, take care of yourself in advance: put reminders on the phone and computer, or use a similar function of the application. Get together with a colleague and call each other to dinner. It is important to preliminarily conclude a “contract” that you grant each other reciprocal right to interrupt a stormy career, carry different risks of adverse events in this regard and the obligations to make every reasonable effort to lunch place.

Trap Two: “I work and eat at the same time.”

It operates as an alleged compromise option of avoiding the trap number one. Especially popular version of this trap – snacks in the workplace.

All meals and drinks, including tea and coffee, it is important to separate from the work process. It may seem that this is an unjustified waste of time, but it is not. When you eat at the same time doing something else, your brain quickly switches from one process to another. As a result, the load on the body is increasing, but the quality of both training suffers considerably. With regard to “minor” process – eating – control and attention to weaken, the process becomes automatic. As a result, you not only can not enjoy the taste, but also very likely eat more than you need.

I understand, in cafes and canteens during Abraham tired with running about, not always available and “tea area” or it does not have in the office. In this case, move over their own desk a little to the right or to the left from the usual position. The computer at the time of eating translate into sleep mode and a snack or eat fully, if you still have to do it in the workplace.

Trap three: “What is there to eat?”

As soon as you come to mind this question, to be sure: it says is not hungry. This phrase from the arsenal fans emotional binding. We really hungry man first alarm sounds “I’m hungry” in the background feeling of emptiness in the stomach, and only then is the differentiation that it would be desirable to eat, if you have a real choice. The same goes for drinks. Quenches thirst water, everything else – need something else.

What do you want at this moment to seize – a question of individual and situational, and, of course, is found not only in the workplace. As a result, you may feel that you almost nothing not eating: breakfast-lunch-dinner can take place under strict control of the amount of calories or skipped altogether, but the cookie-candy, fruit, nuts, eaten during the day, out of sight of fall. They seem to make life easier for the here and now, but cumulatively give extra weight.

Traps fourth “Fast and unprofitable.”

It would seem, is now an abundance of information about proper nutrition, and perhaps that pets are not aware of the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates. However, under stress, we often still have enough for caffeine, sugar in all its forms, and the already mentioned simple carbohydrates. They quickly satisfy the body’s request for additional energy in peak time, but also quickly spent. This constant, breaking the biochemical balance of the body is comparable stimulation in order to water the fire with gasoline and expect that it will burn all day. For long-term energy charge a balance of proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates.

Traps fifth. Key.

That causes it hit in the previous four. In today’s world, and particularly in the work we are “relocated to live in her head.” The body is often perceived either as a tool or as an object of influence. Not to mention the cases where an enemy, or all bodily strongly dissociated. And then, keen intellectual work, we can long ignore the simplest things: awkward posture, stiff limbs, tension in various parts of the body. No notice or bad and distinguish signals associated with food needs.

And if the previous four traps you can still get around, relying on intelligence and gradually introducing proper nutrition habits at work, then forming a contact with his own body – a much longer and multifaceted process. And it’s not about the sport, care, and other components of a healthy lifestyle, which also can be reduced to an absurdity, earning due to a psychological disorder – ortoreksiyu (obsession with “healthy and proper nutrition”). It is about restoring ties in the trinity of the mind-intellect-body.

So, to protect yourself a little bit nervous at work on a variety of eating disorders and their consequences, remember:

there should be scheduled – at first it sounds awful, but lunch breaks there is to it;
all that is not water – it is the food and take it stands apart from work, even if the latter is in a couple of centimeters away from you in the form of “sleeping” computer;
emptiness and lightness in the stomach – the best advisers, rather than dreams of something tasty;
in the round “soup and the second” against the “tea or coffee with a sweet” must win “soup and the second”;
attention to the needs of his own body – not a fad, and not egoism, and the usual care of yourself.
The good news is that our self-regulation mechanisms are very strong, and if they pay attention to, is allowed to be healthy and keep yourself in good shape, without the various diets and excessive exercise. Oh, and do not deny yourself the pleasures including food – but not a substitute for the usual gastronomic delight exclusively.