Summer night to sleep, many people will open the window through the cold lump. Can be surprising is: obviously have anti-theft network windows, doors are locked, outsiders can not burglary, home property ye ye lost it?

Yesterday, the Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter from Wuhan Huangpi District police was informed that a haunt in the town of “fishing” theft gangs were destroyed, four Henan thieves in more than a year, the flow of crime of nearly 20. Their stealing approach is to take a fishing rod, while the night into the residents of the first floor of residents, the property a little bit of “fishing” to their own hands.

Middle of the night woke up to see the pants drifting overhead. February of this year, the Wuhan city of frequent strange case.

May 12, live in Huangpi District, Mr. Chuan Street, woke up and found the bedside cabinet clothes disappear. The home rummaging around, and finally found the corner of the bedroom window discarded clothes, but the pocket of cash, the phone did not.
Miss Liu lives in Caidian. 6 24 0 points Xu, sleep, she was awakened by noise, hazy, she actually saw the pants drifting from the overhead ceiling. A look, a pole from the window into the bedroom, she cried, outdoor thief hurried escape. Tianpi Street, Huangpi District, there are similar cases. To determine this is a typical fishing-style theft, that thieves with a fishing rod to the property from the victim’s home, “fishing”, to determine whether the owner of the stolen property of the owner, Out.

Due to the focus of the incident in the remote lane, the monitoring equipment is imperfect, with the perpetrators in the outdoors, once there are exceptions immediately escape, detection of a certain degree of difficulty.

Theft of mobile phones back to suspicious photos .In the case of turning in a stolen mobile phone. May 18, Tianhe Street area a owner, accidentally received a stolen phone back photos, location maps. It turned out that his cell phone equipped with anti-theft software, when the phone was forced to unlock, the front camera will automatically take pictures, and photos, positioning map sent to the owner set the cloud account.

Photo shoot a mobile phone shop, Yang Tian, deputy director of criminal investigation, Yang Tian, who went to Hankou Dazhi Road, in a number of shops than on, and after more than a month to visit, and finally found the phone to force unlock Stolen goods of the “third trafficker.”

Line tracking, coupled with the “eye of the sky” to identify the police handling the case to find out the “fishing” group members of the structure, the law of committing the crime. July 27, after a number of days after the deployment, the gang members and a taxi driver 4 drivers, in the mouth area a mahjong indoors was arrested.

Fishing Stealing hired sisters as drivers. Tianhe police station, deputy director of criminal investigation Yang Yi, was arrested four male gang members, are Henan, another female driver Zhang is Wuhan.

Wu suspects account, they came to Wuhan last year, is to get to know at the table, there is no legitimate income, to meet in the dead of night to go out to engage in something for money. 4 hit it off, with money to buy a fishing rod and other tools for committing crimes.

Wu also found the sister Zhang, a good price on her special service. They start midnight every day, arrived at the destination, Zhang car parked waiting, 4 people get off the search for old windows in the alley not locked households. 4 people also have division of labor: Wu led the way and fence, Chengmou carrying fishing rod, others vent, hit the flashlight to find the target.

The whole process of committing the crime, generally not more than 4 hours. After, Wu will also ask members of the gang and the sister with Zhang prematurely. Regardless of whether each succeeded, Wu will be the sister Zhang to pay 300 yuan to 400 yuan from the charter costs.

Police investigation shows that Zhang is a taxi driver, her husband is a day shift, she is night shift. From the second half of last year until now, employed a group of Wu, “for them to drive 20 times.”

Tianhe police station in Wuhan within the string, and found that the “fishing” group action trajectory all over the three towns, has verified its theft nearly 20 times. At present, four suspects and to assist the perpetrators of the sister Zhang, have been XingJu, the case is still under investigation.

Police said that many of the old-fashioned window lock itself has design defects, coupled with years of wear and tear, easy to be pushed, it is recommended that the public before going to bed at night to lock, valuables, and so on, The best on the locker drawer, cabinet. Really do not want to close the window, the window to install dense mesh security network.

[Reading extension] Zhengzhou, Ms. Dai returned to the Longhai West Road, a residential area on the third floor of the home and found a strange man sleeping in his bed. She went to bed to see, awakened the man claimed to be drunk at night after touching the wrong door, sleepy painted sleep here. After the man left, Ms. Dai feel suspicious, immediately chased down the floor, but the man quickly disappeared, she had to dial 110 alarm.

At that time she really thought she was wrong

The morning of July 2, in Zhengzhou to buy two houses of Ms. Dai, looking at the sun is high, they intend to return to their own in the Longhai West Road, a residential area of the third floor of the set of non-resident house, the damp bedding Sun look.

“At noon on Thursday, before I came back, before leaving, specifically check the water and windows and doors.” Ms. Dai said, around 11:20, she just opened the door back to feel the impingement of an cool head. A closer look, the living room air-conditioning open, which makes her very surprised. Into the house and found the bedroom bed, sleeping in a bare upper body of the man, a piece of paper on the bedside, the man placed the cigarette butt.

“Look at everything, when I really thought I was wrong the door, you can look at the room furnishings, yes Yeah, is his home.” Ms. Dai said, watching the bed lying man, she thought at first Is his brother, then a thought, his brother did not own the key on the house. She ventured into the bedroom to see who the people in bed, only to just go to bed, sleeping in bed, the man was awakened.

“The man opened his eyes to see me, all of a sudden from the bed and sat up, hand picked up on the bed of black short – sleeved set in the body.

I asked who he is, why sleep in my house, the man said drunk at night, they also do not know how to touch here. “Ms. Dai said with a lingering fear, the man said as he went to the door, she then carried out on the house view and found the bedside cabinet put a bag, which installed two cigarettes, a lighter and a bottle of unused face Milk, which she had put in her cupboard, was apparently to be taken out and packaged, and she suspected that the man might have been a thief and had to go downstairs.

So she remembered playing 110 alarm

Previously, she had never seen this person in the district. She was glad that the gold and silver jewelry placed at home more subtle, not being turned out suspicious person.
“When I came out from the cave, the man was soon disappeared. Sad, I remembered playing 110.” According to Ms. Dai recalled, suspicious man looks white net, looks more than 20 years old, Slender face, wearing black short-sleeved and black pants.

Police arrived, immediately in the district and the surrounding search, but did not find suspicious men. In the home of the survey, the police saw the door lock without obvious pry Pirates of the traces, Ms. Dai lived on the third floor windows, not installed anti-theft network, and the bedroom window is not closed. And its first floor downstairs, second floor tenants home, are equipped with anti-theft network.

Police suspect, men may be climbing downstairs from the third floor, never shut the bedroom windows into the room. Police remind Ms. Dai, as soon as possible to home installed on the security network, so as not to be robbed of loopholes.

In the area of patrolling the Central Plains green East Village patrol team told reporters that they believe that Ms. Dai found in the home into the suspicious person, it should be promptly retreated to the door alarm, or to the downstairs patrol room called the patrol team together into the room. Like this rushed into suspicious people, very dangerous, in the event of vicious criminals, the consequences could be disastrous.

At present, the construction of Public Security Bureau is investigating the matter.

Two men late at night drunk, go home to find the wrong door, one went to his ex-wife home mad knocked on the door, a strayed female neighbor’s house, but also sleep in the female neighbor’s bed, two women were scared alarm.

23 o’clock the day before yesterday, a man in the food stalls after drinking, intends to go home. Unconsciously, he went to his wife in the vicinity of the West Road home. He was completely forgotten that he had divorced. The man with a key to open a half-day door, did not open, so he knocked on the door to call his ex-wife’s name, called the door.

The man’s ex-wife through the cat’s eye found that he had been drunk, for fear he entered the door after trouble, so they went to sleep. Men see his ex-wife does not open the door, has been knocked, threatened not to open the door on the break. The man knocked at the door for more than 20 minutes. His ex-wife to see him knocking on the door, it can not sleep, but under the police.

Taijiang police station in Shanghai, immediately rushed to the scene to stop the drunken man knocking on the door of the behavior, and brought him back to the police station sober. After he awake, in police coordination, apologize to his ex-wife.

Coincidentally, yesterday morning, who lives in Cangxia Metro Miss Wang was also a burst of rapid knock on the door awakened. She opened the door and saw a whole body of alcohol is a strange man.

Miss Wang asked him to whom, the man actually said he was back to his home, went straight into the room, climbed to bed and fell asleep. Miss Wang is living alone, scared not light, quickly called her boyfriend.

Wang ‘s boyfriend arrived at the scene, angrily picked up the broom, toward the man’ s ass severely hit a few times, the man did not wake up. In desperation, Miss Wang alarm.

Cangxia police station to the scene after the man woke up, his surname Chen, living in Miss Wang upstairs, he drunk the wrong floor, no with a key, the results into the wrong door. Later, Chen ‘s family took him home, and apologized to Miss Wang

Recently, Longmou for mandatory indecent assault, was sentenced to six months in Cixi court. Ironically, when he committed the crime because of drunk into the wrong home.

Longmou 30 years old, Hunan, alone rented in Cixi Kuangyan town camphor tree village.

Last September 27 afternoon, he and a few fellow drink, after dark, back to the temporary housing to sleep. Woke up at night to go to Internet cafes, but the way the feeling of dizziness to go home. “Back to temporary housing door, in the corner of the solution of urine, hand the next door, the door opened … …” Long said.

Long into the room next door, where the rental of a small British (a pseudonym) a family of three.

That night, because her husband went out and the villagers have not come back for dinner, a small British husband left the door, and his son slept together. At about 10 o’clock in the evening, little English in sleep stumbled to hear someone push the door, thought it was her husband back. Available cell phone light shines a bit and found that come not her husband, but to live next to the Longmou. Long a small British body directly flew, one hand over her mouth, the other hand reached into her pajamas touch her chest.

Small British resistance, Longmou also with both hands grabbed her neck. Xiaoying struggling to find the opportunity to bite each other’s hand … … Longmou had to give up, hurried out the door and fled.

Xiaoying frightened, and quickly Jiaoren help alarm.

The court after hearing that Longmou forced to indecent assault on women, the facts are clear, the evidence is conclusive, their behavior constitutes a mandatory indecent assault. Longmou excuse himself drunk, and can not be exempted from or reduce the legal liability of reason.

See these wonderful car lock way! Thieves smiled!

See these wonderful car lock way! Thieves smiled!

See these wonderful car lock way! Thieves smiled!