1Xiao Huang (a pseudonym) is a bank account manager in Nanjing, Jiangsu, September 26 evening to work overtime to 9:00, in the unit door, she used the software “easy to” call a car. By phone, the driver soon came, is a 20-year-old guy. “Hey, how your license plate and App show the same?” “Oh, I registered the car in the repair, open today is the owner of the car.” The driver said. Huang sat on the co-pilot seat, the car driving in the darkness forward … …
Yuhang District to the car, the driver locked the door and get off. Come back, with two early, there is a bag of medical supplies, is a small yellow Alipay to buy. He gave himself and small yellow deal with the wound, the car continued to open, and later, and get off with a small yellow credit card to buy their own clothes in the car to the body of blood for clothes. He took a small credit card credit card cash a million, bought a Chinese cigarettes.

Driver surnamed Hu, Huoqiu County, Anhui Province, 25 years old. 2014 to Nanjing, opened a car wash shop. Last year in September, he bought a Pentium car, to pay two thousand dollars a month car loan, part-time to start the network about the driver. Car wash business is not good, a loss of a few million, he borrowed a loan shark hoping to weather the storm. In August this year, usury expires, the creditors come to urge, coupled with car loans, he was unable to repay.


Network about the driver