In two months will be auctioned the first Porsche 911 Cabriolet manufactured hand RM Sothebys at an event in
Paris next February 8. It is one of only thirteen original prototypes that have survived the passage of time since they were produced by Karmann between 1963 and 1964. It is expected to reach a selling price is between 850,000 and one million euros.
Although originally was named Porsche 901, later its name was changed Peugeot rights issues. This issue not only is estimated to be the oldest Cabriolet ever produced, but also is believed to be the second oldest Nueveonce there. Equips chassis # 13360 and was used by Porsche almost exclusively as a study for the development of the 911 Targa production, which would eventually debuting in 1967. But not until 1982 when we would see a production version of official Cabriolet.

This particular unit is kept in a state of great conservation despite its more than 50 years old and I never have been restored
It is finished in red with original Fuchs wheels, while some parts leather seats and shows slight signs of wear. Under the hood one six-cylinder boxer 2.0-liter completely original with an output of 130 hp engine hides.

The fate of this unit was even darker. It was saved from finishing crushed by a German collector named Manfred Freisinger, who put it in a garage until 2001, when it was sold to an owner of Ohio, United States, called Myron Verins. From that moment, this would be its owner until in 2014 it would sell the current one. In full bubble Porsche with air-cooled engine, we are eager to know if the estimates of the British auction house in their price was finally fulfilled.