“We must not show a prompt. Cinema today is for the most part only shows and is a paranoid-dictatorship cinema. And we need a movie schizophrenic “- René Laloux

“Wild Planet» ( «La Planete Sauvage») (1973)
Will we see more ever full-length animated movie with so amazing, unusual and inventive plot as “Wild Planet” French classics René Laloux?

Animator and director of animated films René Laloux studied painting and worked in advertising, and later – in a psychiatric hospital, where he was the puppet animation with patients.

He created an epic animated film for adults in warm colors and psychedelic visuals, deservedly awarded the special prize of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1973.

Lalu, working with illustrator Roland Axe, who led the team of animators Czechoslovakia in Prague, created a special cosmology, fantastic images reminiscent of Hieronymus Bosch. The ax, like a medieval master, painted landscapes full of dangers and prospects.

Throughout the 1960s, consistently produced this kind of hippie parables and nonconformist cartoons. But only “Fantastic Planet” to this day retains an invigorating effect and makes a strong impression on the viewer.

“” Fantastic Planet “was a sci-fi catalyst that affected the Stanislaw Lem, Tarkovsky films on comics magazine Heavy Metal … Not every intricately spun cautionary tale can survive the decline of its historical villains, and not every midnight movie can withstand repeated viewing in a sober light of day. ”

– Gary Dauphin, Village Voice


“Fantastic Planet” – is a novel by science fiction writer Stephen Vulya “Serial production ohm» (Oms en série, 1957).

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The action takes place on a distant planet Igam ruled by highly developed race Drago, a huge blue creature with red eyes. In addition to them on the planet live Ohms, which contain dredge as pets and live toys, treating them as people with cats and dogs.

Draghi get sadistic pleasure by pitting ohms at each other. They often fight to the death in the games, eerily similar to a blood sport as cock and dog fighting. As a result, ohms, led by a hero named Terry decide to rebel against their “owners”.

“” Fantastic Planet “- thoughtful sci-fi spectacle, which is in line with the movie” Metropolis, “2001: A Space Odyssey,” Blade Runner “,” Dune “,” Akira “and” The Fifth Element “, the majority of which many years later and required a much larger budgets have been released. ”

– Michael Brook, “Fantastic Planet: Gambous Amalga”.



After a sentimental woman named Tiva ohms falls into the hands of a device comprising Drahov knowledge. Although they can not process information from a strange telepathic headset, but learn about upcoming extermination ohms. To control their numbers, dredge periodically arrange “cleansing the territory.”

This raises a number of insightful psychedelia does not lose relevance the genocide; formulation of propaganda; political intolerance; ethnic cleansing; the rights who have more rights; demonization kayfovaniya quiet and cozy. Therefore Lalu artist Rene called out of time.

Work on the film began in Prague, but because of political pressure continued in Paris. “Fantastic Planet”, perhaps the best, like Prometheus story, expressing the need for individuality.

Prog-rock with psychedelic jazz composer Alain Goragera complements the perception of alien landscape, but the greatest strength of the film in the fusion of design with outlandish characters character and bold ideas.

Like art itself, that takes place in this strange world, sometimes it seems completely unrealistic. But a strange cosmology always consistent with the vision and Lalu Axe in this elegant, shaking and extraordinary animation history.