About a year we have not seen, but the shelves in the bookstore cafe, I easily recognized him, even from the back. All the same jacket in the box, more incipient bald head in his hands – “Dispute with Pyrrhus” St. Maximus the Confessor – without a doubt Alex, well, who else could it be!

We are very happy with each other and decided to celebrate a meeting of tea with jasmine tea. After all, we are familiar with Alex, even scary to think – since 1991! But our acquaintance took place during the parsing of bricks in the bell tower of the Moscow church, now a radiant splendor, and then lay in ruins. We have something to remember: the transfer of the relics. Seraphim of Sarov, when he drove in Diveevo, and I’m not, because I had exams to college, the first multi-volume paper edition of St. John Chrysostom, the first rumor chudotvoritse Blessed Matrona and her memorial service, even at the grave on the Danilovsky cemetery …

– Alex, well, tell me how to do something?

– Why, I thought up to get married. It is time, and then you will not notice how sorokovnik banging. Remember Volodya of Candlemas? You’re his face exactly should remember – it is always at the Christmas Readings comes, all the great religious processions on pickets against sects, pornography and juvenile justice. Strange this, he still has a little jaw twitches. Years he was already in his fifties, lives alone. I like to see it and think: it is necessary to get married, so far from being alone did not like Volodya – another city holy fool, sublimating unspent sexual energy in a violent social activities.

– A bride something in mind there?

– Yes, Olga, and even three.


– You know, at the thirty-fifth year of life, I realized that the world has changed. Earlier, when we’re in the H-sky temple battery painted and swept debris, who was to be found in the Church? Babok course. It goes without saying. Even girls who want to marry. Getting to become – is, of course, a limit to their dreams, but you can just for the Church a good man. Well, our brother – a blow to religious humanist. And our brother-the humanities among the pious virgins are not particularly quoted the groom – a husband to them, Bring this to not work, the economy and keep the kids home to give birth, as God wills. So the post-graduate student and historian, a little moonlighting in the book trade, is not very suitable for the role of the perfect man in this picture of the world.

But gloomy nineties passed, and I began to notice that in the Church there are more parishioners of a new type. It – the young lady of about thirty, educated, high-earning, well-groomed, successful and single. First, I somehow was afraid to approach them: where do I with my sweater in spools so glamorous in a row. And then, one day, it beckons me Father Sergius after the liturgy and says: “Alex, there you interested in one girl. Asked, whether married. It says, she likes you. ” And so my father smiles with cunning: they say, be a man, not to lose.

So I met with one of the three brides I have in mind, which has its own travel agency. She also passionate motorist and even participate in some races of the night. Second wonderful young lady employee of “Lukoil”, I met the same theological topic on the forum Kuraeva. And third, chairwoman of the PR department of a great company that produces my favorite cheese, I was introduced to the grooves in Diveevo. She got there about the groom pray – everything in life is: beauty, talent and money, but there is no love. Piarschitsa even good poetry writing, even a poem dedicated to me: “Strange as the afternoon mist, unexpected like a dinosaur …”

– Ol, this is how you think, who I, in the end choose? Travel agency, “Lukoil” or piarschitsa?

Frankly, such a question I have absolutely killed. “Lukoil”? And where is the love, where a living person, his personality, his feelings, and not just a badge with the name of the company and indicating the position? “Travel agency”? And if she was not the owner of his own small business, and to work, for example, in the library, and received once a month, a sum which today easily pays for vending unplanned blouse, it would change radically the case?

I really was not in the mood to quarrel with Lesha, so I referred to the fictional urgent business, quickly paid for tea (from him something definitely will not wait even a separation of accounts in half, tested many years of experience!) And ran out of the bookstore cafe on the Boulevard.

But even in the absence of a living, flesh clothed Leschi, his image has not left me and tore my mind on the part of the heavy internal conflict. “And this … and this is the result of all the path that we are for all these years have done? Ezhevoskresnye liturgy, prayers, advice confessor, a pilgrimage to the holy places, and here’s the result – my wife would be richer, because he did not want to and I can not work? Read, sleepless nights peregovorennye multi-volume kitchens holy fathers – and this is unprincipled courtship? What is common between Palamas and “Lukoil”? Where in its system of values given a place Chrysostom said: “Who has taken a rich wife, he took himself a mistress than a wife?” Oh!

Following the prosecutor acted and Leshin lawyer in my head: “Ol, well, you yourself think. Alex – man special, delicate, otherworldly. He is a historian, an expert on ancient Greek and Latin, a recognized encyclopedia for any Humanitarian Affairs. The fact that he earns purely symbolic, is not his fault, but the misfortune of our country. Moreover, in doing so he knows how to be an interesting conversationalist, not boring, is able to enchant the girl of his erudition and noble manners of the last century, more precisely, gallantry unmatched in any circumstances which do not require the disclosure only of their own wallet. After all, he does not deceive its “lukoylovskih” familiar, right? He frankly admits that he can not even pay for his tea in a cafe. If, after that, his potential bride do not run headlong, the relationship with him – this is their voluntary choice, is not it? ”

Seven years later I met Lesha on Patriarchal service in Christ the Savior Cathedral. With him was his wife – thin, very well-groomed, in a mink coat. Deftly balancing boots on thin high heels, she carried the baby to the Chalice. Posolidnevshy Lesch led communion has two children – a girl and a boy of six years to four.

“Hi! – He said to me after the service joyfully. – How is it, life somehow? You travel? Keep our business card, just in case, we own a travel agency. If you suddenly decide to Thailand, we will send you the best way. ”

Judging by the way started with their waterfront family Jeep in the long-running “dispute goddesses” she won it – “Travel”, in combination – desperate stritreysersha.

And another thought – what if they’re just happy?