This story happened to my friend.

My husband came home from work exhausted, mechanically ate steak, not looking up from the computer. Check email, I answer a bunch of letters.

– Dad, Dad, well, look, I drew! – He danced his daughter back.

– Good image – said the Pope, and again put it in the computer.

– Sasha, you could play with her? – He asked his wife. – I would like to go to the shower.

– Of course – she said the husband back.

My wife went to the bathroom, and from there she heard the sounds of cartoons, which included her husband a child.

Then he put in a backpack boxing gloves, helmet, mouth guard, water (grumbled that the filter is empty again), I have long sought their bandages for hands, very angry. Rose ears the whole house to find them as quickly as possible.

– You go to the bar? You could even just skip it and have dinner with us? I have the whole day can not see you, and here you go again! – Wife exploded and began to cry. In tears she tells how many times a day crying Jr., how many hours she not have enough sleep, that the elder again, sick and exhausted all her nerves … That she was tired of it and just want to stay in her husband’s society, and not children.

– You do not play with the kids, they will not even see! – She threw the last stone.

Husband laid backpack with boxing gloves and said quietly:

– I tell you, as I did today?

I went to get medicine for you. I read two lectures, made three presentations, wrote a chapter of the book, wrote the children to the doctor. Then I went for juices for Maria and brought 40 packs of juice for yourself …

He listed a dozen cases, of which his wife did not suspect and her eyes glistened tears of remorse. It turns out that her husband decides to problems every day. Some of them she did not even suspect, because he solves them faster than she said. He pays the rent and alone deals with loans, documents, insurance, social benefits …

– Now I want to finally relax and go for fitness. Because I want to keep myself in shape. And for that was – finished offended husband.

– Could you … to solve smaller problems? Better I will solve half of them. Or together. Or even if these problems are not solved, but only ask you to supper with us! Chat with us! Relax with us! I have grown wings, and I decided to have a thousand problems if I saw your face, not your back, when you’re at the computer. When I last saw your eyes? I can not go on. I do not have the strength to engage in anything. Even pat underwear.

The husband did not go to fitness. All evening he played with the children. He did it for his wife. Before going to bed, they talked and realized they burn both of them. They are missing out on each other. And there is a terrible thing – loneliness in a marriage.

Dear men! How many times does it happen: for example, you have lost the USB flash drive in the bag can not be found. They said, “Damn it,” a couple of strong words, finally found. They cursed and forgotten, because it was easier. Gone to work. You communicate with colleagues, drink coffee, laugh, solve current problems. Have you already forgotten about this flash about it and briefly said, “Damn.” It was just a way to let off steam and move on. With you – the whole world, rich experiences, a lot of people, interesting places.

His wife stays at home alone with the children. And she dropped by with this phrase to live the whole day. Because it was the only thing she heard from you for a day. It will now be crying all day. She remembers everything. What you talked with your child. What you have not noticed a delicious steak. What you do not rejoice at home, do not spend time together. She sits and cries and can not even pat underwear. You come in the evening and see the mess. Because it has all of the hands valilos because of this morning’s swearing.

You add to her for the mess. You say that plow all day and deserved comfort. Catch a saying that it is bad hostess and poor teacher, just can not force the child to go to bed on time.

She falls asleep with the thought that you do not like it.

And you have nothing to reproach. You decide thousand issues! You are really tired. And do not you love it all do? Out of love, of course.

But please do not solve all the problems. Suppose they somehow do, without you dare. Just do not leave his wife alone. Let’s say you’re better together, but with the problems than it would be without problems, but in solitude. Embrace it …