Remember this year’s WrestleMania? Zack Ryder ‘defied all the odds’ to become Intercontinental Champion in a seven-man ladder match. Or did he?

According to the bookies, Ryder’s surprising victory wasn’t surprising at all as they had him at 1/6 to win the match. Zack Ryder! His last notable feud was back in 2012 when Kane destroyed him each week to provoke John Cena.

Of all the superstars in that match, he had the least TV time this year, so how and why did the bookies decide to make him favourite in this match?

After asking SkyBet and their LiveChat helpdesk, they said: “The people creating it may know the result but we wouldn’t know the winning result for matches we can only go on information gathered”.

Information gathered? Gathered where? Because wherever they’re getting their information, it’s pretty reliable. To the point where you can read the results from each pay-per-view by checking the odds before the event has happened.

So how is this fair? It wouldn’t be fair when betting on any other form of sport. An outside bet can never win, and the odds are so stacked toward the eventual winner that nobody has the slightest chance of winning any money.

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The main question would be, who is leaking this information? Because, in my opinion, whoever it is has got to be inside Vince McMahon’s inner circle and will surely be getting paid a pretty penny on the side from the bookmakers.

Originally it could have been feasible that the WWE was giving the bookies a heads up to prevent anyone within the company betting heavily on an outsider they knew was going to win, and therefore bringing disrepute to the company. But if SkyBet claims they don’t know the outcome then this can’t be the case.