When we come back from work, my son Volodya nurse met us at the playground in the yard. I miss him so early is always ahead of her husband and ran to meet, Vova.

Vova trajectory of motion in this case looks like this:
In the courtyard are all very laughed. I was standing in the yard with raskoryachennymi hands and stuck in the throat cry “Syno-on-ok!” And Vova obbegat me. So I began to lag behind. To properly Vova played enough with my dad, and then I was glad at the same time. And now Vova meets us as follows:

Cuddle with Dad – and further went about his business.

And I do not mind, because we have a very good dad and mom is so-so. Dad reads Vova before bedtime fairy tales, and my mother – that she wants, usually something boring and business. Vova asks, “Mom, come about fish!”, And I say, “Hold on, will continue to be about the fish.” And continues: “Spretstsatura – a concept that recognizes that absolute perfection is unattainable. But perfectionism is simply stupid …. “. And he falls asleep without waiting for. Dad picks out Vova seeds of the watermelon, and my mother said, “he spit out, you already know how to.”

Once we found the house two candies, and I intensified PMS. And I desperately need these sweets. Vova saw contraband and also began to ask for candy, even though he had no not PMS! I resisted, but still gave him a piece of candy, and the other has eaten itself. In front of him, and the Pope in his eyes. And they looked at me! Vova cried as if I had eaten the last piece of candy in the world! A dad rolled his eyes, as if I had not just eaten her, and selected there, pulled her son out of his mouth! And he asks me, “How could you? It’s a child … “.

And I’m in shock, moreover, that has lost legitimate candy, also found guilty!

In fact, this is not a rare case. Dad, it happens, buy raspberry Vova and I’ll hide her and quietly, without witnesses, eat. Or bring orange. And I did – “gam” – while Vova does not see. Because allergy had it all! And it is impossible!

To be honest, a good dad – it’s better than a good mother. A good mother for a child – is that he did not run, do not sweat, did not fall, not shamed, not shouting, a lot ate, slept soundly. I am the mother, in which you can run and sweat. It can be a little fall, Oh, whose child is spoiled? Yes, I do it the first time I see a woman, where do I look, we even have different names! By the way, it is very useful when a child different surnames. Suddenly you do not like, you’re innocent.

A good dad – this is when the fun when the legs above your head, when you can turn into a plane or missile. A good dad – who sings, hit the ball, catching up, and before going to bed tucks the blanket.

So what do you do when dad more than mom? When Vova loves dad is stronger than me, I think: “What am I amazing! She found her child such a good dad! “.

Here’s what to do when mom dad better.