1Dear readers of the site “Matrony.ru”!

Perhaps you have noticed that in the beginning of July was replaced version of the site. New chief editor in my face will continue its remarkable works of predecessors and develop such a favorite with all our online edition. I’ll tell you a bit about our plans.

We will continue to write about the values that are important for the modern conservative women – family, children, self-realization and spiritual life, about how to make their lives meaningful, full and happy, to build deep relationships with other people, God and myself . We will write about fashion, style, health, gastronomic miracles and women’s hobby. You are waiting for interviews with psychologists, teachers, doctors, scientists, writers and representatives of many other artists, literary reviews, and reviews of new art exhibitions, useful practical tips and stories about the life of the great women of the past and many other interesting materials.

What we do not write? For example, how to seduce a man, learn to manipulate others or make a child prodigy. We know that our readers – smart and able to think critically personality like alien plants.

Speaking of the conservative orientation of the site, we do not believe the patriarchal family with a rigid hierarchy or broken women with many children the only true ideal of life. We know that our site is read not only Orthodox believers, but the unbelievers who hold traditional views, as well as people looking for (himself the meaning of his work and – no less – life). We would not be confined to a narrow circle, and, relying on its own strong beliefs, maintain a respectful and constructive dialogue with people of different views, the more that the modern world is increasingly complicated, setting the woman is often ambiguous and complex goals and objectives.

We also decided to close the possibility of commenting on publications and online discussion to move readers to the open space of social networking.
Updated: Revision received a lot of feedback from readers about the comments functionality. According to the results, commenting functionality was returned to the site on 20 September. New comment system was heavily reworked technically, but we tried to keep the interface unchanged.

If you have any good ideas, requests, suggestions and thanks to the matron, we will be happy to receive them by e-mail edition: [email protected]

We invite all readers who want to contribute to the development and flourishing of matrons to participate in the preparation of materials as volunteers. We always need good columnists, reporters and transcribers interview.

Well, and now – continue!