With the first baby changed the whole routine of family life. Weekdays are full of worries and resemble Groundhog Day, and the weekends are different from them is not enough: a walk with a baby, fed, washed, dressed – that evening. Not surprisingly, the parents (even the most loving) sometimes you want to escape from the house. But this, of course, not an option! And it is – fun, interesting and intense weekend with the child. So, how can you have fun with your kids this winter?

With babies

Children up to the year – the best companions. They do not run away from their parents, do not require the moon and do not bite playmates for selected toys. They need food, sleep, clean diaper and the opportunity to rest if the world around us tired. Baby (especially in a sling or backpack ergo,) you can take with you anywhere, even in a museum, though at a rock concert. And if you want to play and work out together, family projects give a lot of opportunities:

  1. Listen to music. Moscow project “Concertino” united platform on which parents with infants may enjoy a concert, the music of “The Beatles” or classic hits. The space is equipped with a children’s play area – a small music lovers have a place to crawl and move around.
  2. Take a swim in the pool. More than 20 pools in the capital, designed to sail together parents with kids, there is practiced on infants learning program. Temperature, depth and chemical composition of water adapted for the youngest swimmers. Contact BrightFamily, center “Sea Children”, the center of “Water area of childhood” or pool “Amber”.
  3. Dance. Wander at your favorite dance with my dad and baby – delightful occupation. What do I need? Desire, sling and tactful, experienced teacher. Refer to the studio, “I close” or “Me and my baby” and enjoy slingotantsami – they give a unique feeling of intimacy with her husband and child.
  4. Go to a coffee shop. Family cafes and restaurants in Moscow – a place where you will not see smoking, drunk or aggressive visitors. Instead, find a cozy sofa to bed and change out the baby, corners with curtains to safely feed him, and adequate waiters, fainted from crying infant. Visit the “Moomin cafe,” Cafe “AnderSon” family restaurants “The Sea Inside” and “Typography” – for older kids there are held festivals and master classes, there are animators and even babysitting.
  5. Take pictures. Photoshoot with babies – a gift for life. Suiting, in the images of cowboys, knights and courtiers. Staged with flowers and plush toys. Taking a walk, dinner, home games, scenes of tenderness and love … Infancy amazing finishes quickly, save it! Will help you master of kids-foto.ru or stopthemoment.com.ru. However, to cope with the shooting might girlfriend and younger brother – important to create an atmosphere!


With a toddler 1-3 years

The most difficult age for family entertainment. The kid is already active enough to refuse to sit in the stroller, but persuade him to behave – not an easy task. He is still too young to sit through a session in a movie or a play in the theater, is frightened of loud noise, unusually dressed people, strange lighting. Therefore, with two-three year olds attend better adapted for small children activities and entertainment. Where to go?

  1. Engage art. Draw with your children, rediscover the possibilities of crayons and paints, clay and plasticine, scissors and glue – what could be more remarkable? Family Studios offer this capability, experienced teachers will help both children and adults to express themselves in creative work. Refer to the studio “fly and walked” in the studio “Little kids and great art” or “Artvill” school of painting.
  2. To participate in the presentation. Interactive performances and presentation – the best show for little fidgets. After all, they can not only watch and listen, but also to move, interact with artists. Educational center “Together with my mother” on a weekly basis puts interactive performances, interesting performances for kids can be found in the “Grandpa Durov’s Corner.”
  3. Ride on horseback . Kids from 2 years old, already taught to ride a pony. Riding without reason considered a favorite hobby of the English aristocracy – it forms an excellent posture, internal discipline and an iron character. And while the baby is engaged with the instructor, adults can ride on horseback – it’s so romantic! There is a horse riding club “Golden Mane” and equestrian school in the majority of Moscow parks.
  4. To make a snowman. It is free, but an exciting and fun pastime. You will need the carrot, twigs, old baby bucket, waterproof gloves for herself and her children and the sea of fantasy to your snowman to get the original. Do not forget to take a photo of your masterpiece!


With preschoolers 3-7 years

It’s time to gradually accustom daughter or son to cultural activities. Cinema, theater, museums, stadiums, workshops and other entertainment are available – most importantly, that the child is not had too much experience. But how many new discoveries and new features! And best of all – with the son or daughter to learn those lessons, which themselves have dreamed as a child. Where to go together?

  1. To the rink. You do not know how to skate? It’s time to try to stand on the sharp rails simultaneously with a son or daughter, with fall and get up, catch a keen pleasure to the first free movement and good-naturedly laugh at mistakes. Rollers are in many shopping malls, from the “Mega” to “Aviapark” in many city parks and sports complexes. And the most important Moscow rink – of course, near GUM.
  2. In the water park . Tumbles in warm water, slide down slides, slide through the pipes and swim in the pool is especially nice cold in winter – December walls, and a water park fun-filled summer. This is an opportunity peacefully and to have fun, add to the winter sedentary life shred of activity, sleepy stretch your muscles. Aquapark in Moscow, about 15, and the level of services everywhere is about the same – choose the one that is closer, and swim in plenty!
  3. On the stadium. If you’re favorite team, with bated breath follow goalie movements, trajectories of the ball or puck, swift dance gymnast or figure skater – it’s time to attach to your child’s enthusiasm. Go along to the stadium, watch the competition, maybe more for “our” tell us who wins and why buy an inexpensive break in the hot food – and children will always remember this day.
  4. To the circus. Attached to the magic that takes place in the arena, it is best before the child will go to school – in adolescence charm of the circus is already lost. A baby will delight agile gymnasts, a mysterious magician and fearless tamer beasts! For the first time should choose a shorter children’s program or to leave after the first separation.
  5. On a culinary master class. Cooking with children – tasty, interesting, exciting and very family pulls together. Many family cafes and restaurants, for example Culinary Studio Julia Vysotsky, the pizzeria “Daping” and cafe “Ilya Muromets” offer master classes by chefs. A new knowledge can be successfully applied in the kitchen.


Of course, that’s not all! In winter you can visit the ancient Russian mansion, walk through the snow-covered park, to visit friends in the country, to go to a small hike in the surrounding area.

If funds allow – try to go on holiday in a country guesthouse. You rest from household chores, cleaning and cooking, recreational programs for the whole family will not get bored, and the animators and educators will look after the children while the adults take the time with each other.

For lovers of joint games with the children invented a game store – cafes and clubs where you can get acquainted with dozens of board games, learn the rules, play together, and if you like “nastolki” and want to buy.

In the city shopping and leisure centers provide services playrooms for children older than one year – in “Mega” centers, such as free room and the club “SitiKids” costs about 500 rubles per hour. Kids will play well with their peers, and parents get a free moment to go to the cafe together and arrange a romantic date or a walk.

Options for family vacations in Moscow (and not only in Moscow) – as much as the stars in the sky. You can pick any like and can afford. Perfect weekend in the circle you beloved family!