Young children do not have the capability of independent thermoregulation, and when the child is at the mother’s breast, the breast temperature rises, if the child’s body is cold, and decreases if the child is overheated. There are many reasons why it is recommended to carry a child in her arms. Consider just a few.

Parents or older relatives primate children are all the time with a young: it happens in the majority of primates. That is, the young are constantly in motion. You ever seen a baby gorilla sleeping in the crib? Or crying baby gorilla?

Like human babies, children primate helpless before the dangers that await them and feel it perfectly. The proximity of adults gives a feeling of confidence. You’ve heard stories about the early birth of the child, whose chances of survival were lower than the lowest, and that was a miracle, because my mother always kept the baby close, skin to skin, in his arms across his chest. Chest – a place where the heart and lungs, and we most feel the love. Bodily intimacy and truth saves lives, not only physically, but also emotionally. From the first moment of life, we are all waiting for the embrace – the first and most vivid indicator of commitment, intimacy and trust. There are many reasons that is often embrace and take the child’s hand. Here are just a few.

Thermoregulation mom chest

At birth, the child is not developed thermoregulation mechanism of self, that is, warming or cooling to maintain an optimal temperature according to weather conditions. Depends on my chest, the place where the child is most convenient, has a special ability to maintain optimal temperature. Namely, when the child is at the mother’s breast, her breasts become warmer, if a child is cold and colder, if the child’s body is warmed up too.

A newborn can see only your face

All newborns myopic vision. They see the perspective of 25-30 centimeters from the eye, and all that is on, dull. Did you know that this distance – the distance from your chest to the face? child’s vision allows him, it is in your hands, the best way to see your face.

Child calms movement

Many parents say that their children calm during a trip by car or in a wheelchair on rough roads. But the fact is that children not ride calms as such, but a movement. The same effect can be achieved, not to start the car and winding through the streets of kilometers until the child falls asleep. A much better effect makes carrying a baby in her arms, because the baby is near the mother and in the warmth. The child feels the beat of your heart and breath – sounds familiar to him even before birth and therefore surprisingly soothing. Wearing a baby – not only my mother’s privilege. Such a process of rapprochement with the child is perfect for dad.

The development of social skills

It would seem that if the diaper is clean and is not desirable, the child is passive, but in fact the children phenomenally sociable, and their emotional and social development is recommended to include them in almost all the actions that are occupied by other family members or the community. Thus, if a passive child learns social skills. Do not underestimate the fact that the child in her arms (as often happens) goes to sleep. The child knows that you are there and feel completely safe – this is the main reason for a restful sleep in the arms of my mother, and no matter where you were and what they were doing.

Children who were on hand, often behave more independently, successfully active in the motor plan afterwards.

So, if they say that wearing a baby in her arms then spoil it, it is not. Vice versa. Being in his arms – it is a natural need for both the child and parents, especially mothers. Even taking into account all that talk about evolution, do not forget that your child needs such support, which can be you – the closest.