“When we get married?” She said it so loud that the queue to the cashier at the pharmacy stopped. He took her by the elbow and led him to the side, where he became hot and too loud whisper: “Well, what? What will it change? Understand, I am skeptical about the marriage. ” Oh, like at this moment to get her out of this queue, print out and say what I would have said to myself twenty years: “He did not do not want to marry. He does not want you to! He is skeptical of marriage with you. And then be sure to marry. Posada celluloid Pups in the veil on the hood of the limo and even the banks of the trailer behind, so that they rattled. To everything, familiar and unfamiliar, they knew – he will marry the woman he loves. ”

At Greg Behrendt and Liz have Tuchchillo sad and truthful book about the relationship, “You just do not like him.” You just do not like him, if he does not call back. Do not like it if he avoids meeting. And he just does not love you, if the word “marriage” makes a face as if he saw a cockroach.

My friend, a confirmed bachelor, did not come to any wedding, even as a guest with the words: “Why involve the State in the relationship? All these disgusting pigeons! Silly ribbons, cream cakes. Awful! “. I reminded him about it as soon as he marveled at his own wedding, “Well, here goes: the wife is the head of the family! Look how she took a bite of the loaf cool! “And was about to drink champagne out of her shoes. I took him aside and asked, “So why are you married?”. “What reason?” – He wondered – “Look, what a beauty! It is not today, then tomorrow would have married someone else. ”

I looked into his eyes crazed. They stood silent question: “If one day she decides to leave them in my life, maybe … Maybe she is not there 200 rubles for legal costs for the divorce? Maybe, if the person can not be bound with ropes, sticking plaster, or make love forever, no matter what, will die? If only stamp in the passport! Please let him help! “.

I remember, and another his friend. They lived with a childhood friend for ten years together, and he asked her to marry one hundred and ten times. “Why is it necessary to him? On the wedding money, we better to go on a journey. I do not like lavish celebrations. I do not like guests. Why everyone around know that we are together? It’s very private … “- she waved. And then married a man whom she met a month before the wedding, and, as in the movie “500 Days of Summer”, explained it this way: “I knew exactly what was not then sure sure … He – my man.” if she deceives her childhood friend? Hardly. Husband traditionally carried her across the bridge over the river on his hands, and she cried: “I am now Borodina! I Borodin! “So that even on the bridge braked cars. What is already here “private” … She wanted to tell everyone around: “I love it! And now it’s mine. All you heard? “.

Perhaps, deep down, she knew that none of us belong to each other. I guessed that in a few years they may quarrel with her husband to tears because of the color kitchen tablecloth in IKEA or divorce due to the fact that it never closes a tube of toothpaste (of course, in spite of!). Over one hundred percent probability it can be said that no one would have forbidden her to live with this man, without changing the name and without calling everyone, even the most distant relatives, to cry out to them: “I – Borodin!”. You can list all the (sometimes these logical) arguments of the opponents of marriage are collapsing like a house of cards under the pressure of love, so stupid and so illogical.

Love, which is commanded by a harsh military with a heart of steel to put on facebook status: “I and my beloved wife! The best girl in the world! “. Love that makes skeptics and cynics, smiling, to keep the match as toastmaster boldly commanded: “And now we light the family hearth, let it burn forever” (suddenly help). Love, who advises: “Get married! That at least some, albeit illusory, but a guarantee that it will always be with you. ”

Not because marriage – it is so important, it is necessary, useful. Not because it is impossible to live in a society separate from society. Let the legal aspects, omit religious beliefs! Love is irrational, regardless of belief, she says on the principle: “Hit and Run”. Let the priest, let the employee registrar, even though somebody confirm: “Are you together forever,” even if it is not. I sometimes want to change the answer: “Yes, I agree” to “Do not be afraid of you! I’m here. And I will be here forever. In wealth and in poverty, in sorrow and in joy. Even death do us part. ”


He said, “… understand, I am skeptical about the marriage. You can not be here? Not at all the pharmacy? “And opened in front of her a glass door marked” Exit. ” She blushed, suddenly reached out to him, and then I saw (a trifle, and unpleasant), he jerked his hand away in annoyance.