‘Success Kid’

When these parents took her baby for a walk along the beach in Florida in 2007, never imagined that the spontaneous gesture would give small around the world.

His name is Sammy Griner and originating in the United States. It is known worldwide as ‘Success Kid’ because of the expression that was portrayed, which has been used for countless memes in various languages.
This image was captured minutes after the little curious expression, which actually was the result of accidentally eat some sand. Want to see how it looks today this small? Look at the next picture.

Sammy now 10 years old. His picture became so popular that even came to offer contracts for commercials and TV shows, which rejected. “I do not want you out on the screen, unless it is with that picture , ” she confessed the portal The LAD Bible.

After worldwide fame, unlike others who spontaneously become viral, Sammy usually has no problem back to what made him world famous. In fact, just that was what allowed him to do something for his father, Justin Griner.
In 2012, the 39 – year – old man was diagnosed with kidney failure, a genetic disease that killed her mother. After several years of treatment and dialysis, the need for a transplant was becoming more urgent.

His wife opened an account on the portal GoFundMe donations. In explaining the case and show some family photos, many users Sammy recognized as the ‘Success Kid’ and decided to support them . Before long, they had $ 100,000 for intervention.