Being on leave for child care, I once again wondered about who I want to be and how it is to understand how much of your life time I am ready and I want to spend on the job. I wanted to be a wife and mother, but after the first delight of staying at home I realized that this is not enough and wanted to do something else. But what exactly? Not if I should change the activity dramatically?

In fact, since my childhood I was and still am kind nutty. The lines of the poem about the “drama club, a circle on the photo, but I also sing the hunt” – is largely about me. And the more I’m busy with something, the more there is a new desire of the series “Now I have another sewing course!”. Recently on the radio a popular singer explained that every summer he plans to learn English, but still can not carve out time for it. His words gave me the idea that I’m not the only one. Not one that has a lot of desire, the realization of which does not fit into life.

I remember a period in my life when these problems seemed to me trifling, because at that moment in front of me sharply was the survival of the problem: there was no housing, money … As you know, the need for self-actualization is the highest in the pyramid needs a psychologist Abraham Maslow, in other words, people who are faced with difficulties in self-realization, in general, to be envied – they have satisfied the basic needs for food, security, belonging and relationships. But all the same to take the path of self-realization? Where to begin?

For a start it would be nice to decide so, what activities bring pleasure and satisfaction. What activities you’re interested and happy to engage in? You can think of the process and the result. It is hardly possible to achieve any remarkable results in the process of implementation which brings joy and pleasure. The pleasure of the process is also an indication that you are on the right track.

The next thing to think about: at what point in your life you are right now? I mean, that would be good to slow down and listen carefully to your mood, a state of desire in the moment. I assume that a particularly strong desire to find their way there if something is missing in the present day, and a good idea to figure out what it was. Perhaps the lack of communication, leisure time or money on hobbies, and then it makes sense to think, how to get it, instead of to search for things of his life.

Sometimes, slow down, you may find that you do not want anything – then why not stop and do not rush things. It can be very valuable in the absence of desire to stay in a kind of emptiness … Often it comes from something quite wonderful.

Self-actualization – is the realization of current needs, knowledge, abilities, so another important issue, which is to ask yourself, is the question of what is the current desire I want to meet and have their own skills and knowledge to implement.

Finally, it is worth thinking about what resources to achieve their goals and desires you have for now. After all, interesting activities can be a lot, but, once said in a lecture by a professor of life – is a series of alternatives discarded. And how sad it is to admit, with age you realize that “I have a lot late, I have a lot who do not become.” Therefore, among the many professions, it is necessary to choose any one. And before you sprinkle ashes on his head, regretting that he did not become an artist, dancer, actor or player, it would be good to pay attention to what is available in the luggage of knowledge, skills and capabilities.

I’m not saying that you should only move on already previously selected way – sometimes it makes sense and turn to the familiar road (and I know wonderful examples where people have changed and the profession, and lifestyle is already a fairly mature age), but it must be admitted, with age, not all roads are equally available. For example, to become a professional dancer and football player in 30 years it is impossible, but to do ballet or soccer a hobby at this age is quite capable.

So, look for an interesting case that reflects your’s value and sense orientation, in other words, what do you personally believe in the life of an important and valuable. Search for business who want to do in this or that period of life – a very creative process, in which you can learn a lot about yourself and about the world, much to try and learn a lot. And is not that the joy and pleasure?