The W16 engine is an internal combustion engine that is composed of 16 cylinders, resulting from the union of 2 groups of V8 Engine.


This engine was made after a great investigation by the engineers of Bugatti and Volkswagen. It was built in the place of assembly of the German mark and uses materials used in aeronautics. The engine is capable of generating 1500 hp.
This engine forms 4 rows of 4 cylinders in line, with a configuration that stands out for its operation without vibrations, so it does not need counterbalancing balancing trees. Therefore, the W16 engine comprises greater fineness of operation due to the explosions of the cylinders are made in smaller time intervals, producing one for every 30º of rotation of the crankshaft, which also allows the engine to run at a few revolutions ( Less than 1500 rpm) without vibration or tendency to slip.

Despite its superior power over V-engines, its use in cars is much less popular. One of the few models that incorporate it is the Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron, Bugatti Chiron and Audi Rosemeyer