The capital city of Austria, one the most beautiful and well designed city in Austria. As a capital city its population is reaching 1.8 million. Vienna is hub of all economic, trade, business and political activities. As Vienna is among one important cities in Europe, it has great importance and respect in Europe. It was the largest German speaking city since 20 century, but after World war ll, it lost its rank but now it is the second largest German speaking language after Berlin. Vienna is also known as “The City of Music” and “The City of Dream“.


Vienna is home of beauty, three(3) of the most famous places in Vienna are:

  1. The Hofburg

For more than six centuries the seat of the Habsburgs. But from 1275  it is officially the home of every Austrian President.  This Palace plays very important role in Austrian politics and governing.  The large complex covers 59 acres with 18 groups of buildings, including 19 courtyards and 2,600 rooms.


The Sisi Museum, and the Silver Collection are the two most visiting place in the palace. The silverware shines is completely at its top as it was in older day at the Imperial Palace.


2. The Spanish Riding School

The famous Spanish Riding School of Vienna was built by the great Emperor Maximilian II. In 1562 the famous Lipizzaner horses were introduced. Ridding shows are performed every year in the Imperial Palace of Vienna. Tickets sold out very quickly for those who wish to see the show will do special hurry to buy the tickets.v3

3. Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens

This beautiful Palace is not only known for its magnificent architecture but for the beauty of Parks and Gardens. The most beautiful site of Vienna which attracts visits more than any other place does in Vienna.


The Gardens and Parks are designed in a beautiful way that it appeal viewer to come closer to it. The Palace has 1441 rooms and due to its architectural important it is designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  1. Le chateau de Chaumont, c’est l’un de mes préférés. Pas très grand, mais tellement charmant! Bisous Cathy! Profite bien de cette superbe région ligérienne!