Online Movies Okko gives 7 days subscription for series “Amediateki” and 30 days of subscription to the package “Optimum”, which is more than 3000 Russian and foreign films in HD.


Create an account in the application, assign a different device, and you can watch movies on subscriptions anywhere, including TVs, Blu-ray-players with Smart TV function.


By the way, to watch a movie in the Okko, does not necessarily have a constant access to the Internet. Download movies and TV shows on iPhone, iPad or mobile devices based on Android and look elsewhere. A great option for those on a New Year’s vacation travels. Prepare yourself in advance for the playlist with movies, view that long postponed. It is time to reconsider everything!


By subscribing to the package “Optimum”, you get access to seven sections:

  1. World Cinema.
  2. The magical world of Disney.
  3. Best for children.
  4. Our film.
  5. For the little ones.
  6. Arthouse.
  7. Cognitive cinema.

There may be an impression that free you will have access only to the old films, but it is not. It offers a classic movie, and news of this year. So, if the last vacation you had no time to go to the movies, you can easily catch up.

The package “Optimum” set of Christmas films that will set you on a holiday atmosphere: here and the world’s masterpieces, and beloved Soviet films, and new Russian comedy. Look at our selection of ” 100 films for the New Year’s mood ” and, together with Okko Charges festive emotions.

What’s new in iOS- application «Okko Movies HD»

Updated design: it became more convenient to select and watch movies. All films in the catalog are divided into genres and collections, such as “blockbuster” or “Cinema on the road.”


Sections “Optimal” package additionally categorized. For example, in “Russian films” you can find “Movies with Keira Knightley,” and “Best Animation” section – a collection of “Princess.”


All categories, topics, and collection overlap and intertwine, and it is a very easy way to select a movie to view. Five minutes looked through the catalog, you have to determine what you want to see.

Films can be recommended to friends via email, Twitter, Telegram, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, «VKontakte” and, after a recent update via iMessage.