Too bad… Vanessa Hudgens got fined after carving “Vanessa” and “Austin” into a Sedona rock during a trip to Sedona, Arizona.

She posted the picture of the carving on her Instagram account around Valentine’s Day, and now, she has to pay for $1,000 as a punishment.

She admitted to carving their names inside the heart and told the authorities on where to find it. Finally, they found the heart on February 23 on a Bell Rock.

According to Associated Press, the payment resolves a citation issued to her for a misdemeanor court of damaging a natural feature on U.S Forest Service Land.

Where would they do with the money?

The money was used by Friends of the Forest, a volunteer group to restore the rock wall. Well, at least we know that the money went to the right hand.

Vanessa did it as a symbol of her love towards her 24 years old beau. And if someone said love doesn’t cost a thing, well, we are no longer sure after what happened to her.