How do you light a candle, and treat it until it burns? Have you ever thought? Many do not have the slightest idea about how to use the purchased candle to the maximum. It turns out, just enough to follow five simple tips.

1. Cut the wick


Do not be lazy, do it every time you want to light a new candle.

How to do it?

Cut the wick so that the visible portion of its length is not more than 6 millimeters. To do this, you can use regular scissors, nail clippers or a special trimmer for trimming the wick candles. No matter what you choose.

By the way, it’s best to light  a candle long matches.

Why should I do it?

Firstly, the candle flame will be much brighter and more beautiful. If you do not trim the wick, the flame is likely to take the form of a strange mushroom, due to which it will look dull and blurry.


Secondly, the wick is too long – this is the main reason for the most heinous of soot stains that are clearly visible on the glass holder. Shortening the wick will keep the flames under control and not let these spots appear.3

2. Allow the wax to melt completely

When you lit a candle, extinguish it until the top layer of wax is not completely melted. It can take several hours. If you are not willing to wait so long, it is better not to light the candles.

Why do it?

If you do not give the wax to melt completely, it forms a hole or crater. Wick will sink lower and lower, like a candle in the center of the tunnel is formed. That’s how it looks.


In the end hole is so deep that you will hardly be able to light a candle again. Get up to the wick is too hard. More importantly, all this nestayavshy wax on the walls of the candlestick is a few hours enjoying the pleasant fragrance and the light from the flame of a candle, which you paid, but will not be able to use.

Yes, this requires patience. But if every time you light a candle, you allow the wax to melt completely, the surface remains smooth candles and candlestick wall – clean. And they will be all the time, until the candle is not really consumed.


3. Buy candles with multiple wicks

Pretty hard to find time for the candle melted as described in the preceding paragraph.

What to do?

Get a candle with two or three wicks. The more of the flame, the more heat and melts more quickly candle.

Pay attention to one fact. Avoid very wide candle with one wick. The heat from a wick is clearly not enough to completely melt the entire candle.

4. Protect the candle flame by air currents

Try to do everything possible to ensure that a burning candle was far enough away from fans, air conditioners , open windows or seats, which are often held by many people.

Air flows can affect the flame of a candle, causing the walls of a glass candlestick will be even more unsightly dark marks.


5. Do not blow out the candles

To put out the candle, cover it any cap, but do not blow out (unless, of course, it’s not the cake with a candle on your birthday). So you can avoid an unpleasant smell.

Now you are ready. Use candles as the pros do it, save money and effort, and to fully enjoy acquired is candles.