The 1-meter-tall American mother spent $ 100,000 (about $ 660,000) under the “godfather” grant to do cosmetic surgery – including increasing her bust from 34C to 34H.

Her two daughters, Julie Anna, 9, and Mani, 12, are happy with her mother’s boyfriends who often take their extravagant vacations and send their rather expensive gifts. They even called Nina’s current boyfriend “Santa Claus.”

Juliana explained her mother ‘s job in the eyes: “is a girl with a big man than her date, this man is very rich and will be very pet her.

“I hope that after growing up there is also a man to pay for all my bills, so I do not have to worry about anything. This is a gentleman should do.” “Mom feel happy I am also happy. I hope my mother married ‘ Santa Claus’.”

Nina said she would not deliberately encourage her daughter to do mistress. But if they choose this path, she will not obstruct and be willing to offer advice.

“This kind of life, after all, gives me a lot of chances, and I travel all over the world and make a lot of money while meeting the amazing gentlemen.

“I received the most expensive gift is a $ 200,000 (about 132 million yuan) Maserati four-wheel drive, I now live in the house is bought by her boyfriend, I and the children are like, especially the swimming pool.

Nina also explained: “This is not the same prostitutes, mistress does not have to pay the body.I really have a physical relationship with the ‘godfather’, but he has in me before invested nearly 30,000 US dollars (RMB About 20 million).

‘Godfather’ for his life in the potential wealth investment, prostitutes are not wealth. I would tie in with the pace of his life, organize the housework for him and make sure he hired the right people – I was basically his personal assistant. ”