Foreign and domestic celebrities do not cease to please the audience with an unusual choice of baby names. Son of actor Edward Norton named Atlas, and the son of singer Kelly Rowland – Tayten ( “Titanium”). Model Anna Vyalitsyna Alaska named her daughter, and the daughter of singer Christina Aguilera is named Summer Rain ( “summer rain”). But the child is Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got a classic for the people of North America, James name. Only a couple of acting is not a boy, as you might think, and the girl.

And what we have?

Russian Actors Catherine Vilkova Peter Lyubimov chose for their baby’s rare female version of the name of Paul – Paul. Girls TV presenter Olga Shelest also called non-trivial: Muse and Iris. A daughter Marina Kim is a beautiful name Briand.
However, in the majority of families in our country related to the unusual names is still quite cautious. In Moscow in 2015, parents often prefer to choose for their children such traditional options such as Sofia (Sofia) and Alexander.

In the first ten names for boys and Maxim, Tom, Michael, Daniel, Ivan, Dmitri and Kirill, Andrei, Egor.

The top ten popular names for girls included in addition to Sophia Maria, Anna, Anastasia, Victoria, Elizabeth, Pauline, Alice, Daria, Alexander. Interestingly, in the top twenty is now included Milan name that has become fashionable only in recent years – 10 years ago it was not even in the top thirty. (For example, a niece named chief editor of Milan – Ed.. )

Of the non-standard names 2015 of the Moscow registry offices highlighted Mercury (male) and Joy (female). In the previous couple of years the boys have been reported Dawn, Jazz, Ocean, Space, Angel, and Mr. World, as well as girls Legend, Byzantium, Radostina and Russia.

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Especially for parents who are looking for their future children are rare, vintage or, on the contrary, the original modern names, there were some sites with an extensive catalog. And mobile applications that will help to find a suitable name surname or name contains certain characters (such as a parent’s initials). However, while they are mainly aimed at foreign users. So for our readers, we have made their own collections sonorous names.

“Literary” names


This is both the name of the American writer Melville (author of the classic novel “Moby Dick”) and the character “The Queen of Spades.” By the way, cosmonaut German Titov was named after the hero of Pushkin’s story.


The character of the popular, and is not even the finished series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin (who became even more recognizable thanks to the series “Game of Thrones” was filmed in the books). Around the world, hundreds of parents name their daughters after a bold and powerful Arya Stark.

It is believed that the writer Fenimore Cooper created this name exclusively for one of the characters of his novel “The Last of the Mohicans” (1826). It has become popular because of its brevity and sonority.


This name is not new, but it has gained its current prominence after the books and the Harry Potter films. Young witch Luna Lovegood was first mentioned in the fifth in a row JK Rowling’s novel, published in 2003. In the same year the name appeared in the lists of the most popular in many countries – and since then does not hand over positions.

“Cinematic” names


The legendary noble King Arthur – a character a plurality of movies, cartoons and TV shows (not to mention the fact that it is a fundamental figure in the British chivalric epics).


Directed by Zemeckis and Rodriguez, actor Robert De Niro, and “Twilight,” Pattinson eventually.


It seems that almost all modern Audrey named after the unforgettable Audrey Hepburn – for example, due to it was named French actress Audrey Tautou.

Speaking of Thoth. The film 2001, which starred actress mentioned above, did the name of “Amelie” dearly loved all over the world. Because who do not enjoy such a charming character?


The main female character of the original trilogy of “Star Wars” – cinematic icon of feminism: Leia strong love for what she was not helpless, “a lady in distress”, in spite of the princess status.

“Inspiring” names


The name that wore needs no introduction Einstein. Variations of the name glorified by the French writer and philosopher Albert Camus, as well as the German artist Albrecht Dürer – one of the greatest creators of the era of Western European Renaissance, author of the famous woodcut prints in the art (you probably know his work “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”).


A good balance between tradition and the modern interest in space. Name of Greek origin were many Orthodox church leaders. A similar-sounding name Neil belonged astronaut and test pilot Armstrong – the first man to set foot on the lunar surface. It was he who uttered the historic phrase, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”


The legendary Amelia Earhart was among the first women pilots and the first of the ladies flew across the Atlantic Ocean. Earhart was also a public figure and a champion of gender equality (especially in the professional field). Until now, there she founded an international organization of women pilots “Ninety-nine”.


In addition to a host of saints, the name belonged to a famous scientist lady Sklodowska-Curie. It was truly unique: a physicist, a chemist, a teacher, a mother, a wife, a public figure. The first double Nobel Prize winner in history – a great example to follow!

To our question as to why parents choose their child an unusual name (wish the child a bright destiny, want to stand at his own expense), responsible psychologist Julia Pirumova:

” As the daughter of my mother with a rare name Vasilina, I can say that there is no” either-or “in this issue, and is” and … and … “. Possible options. Of course, parents dream of bright and unusual fate for her child and choose a name in the hope that it will provoke in him the development of certain personal qualities, will provide something remarkable in their lives. Maybe so, that parents first serious manifest themselves through the child’s name. By the way, it is not known, it is better or worse than when the name chosen in honor of or in memory of loved ones. The latter can create an unnecessary burden on the fate of the child, which is not supported by esoteric factors as well everyday family messages.

It seems to me that the choice of a rare or calling (clearly not fit into the socio-cultural society) code name can be regarded as a narcissistic extension of the parents. Exactly the same as, for example, the deliberate cultivation of a child prodigy, able to read in two years and boldly speaks three languages in the first grade in a completely normal monolingual family. What a rare name that exorbitant burden on the child may be pleased to adult ambitions.

And how narcissistic property it can be expressed in different shades of the spectrum, to appear in the peculiarities of nature or in pathological terms. For example, parents can express themselves through Romeo Ivanovich son. Or perhaps a more obvious manifestation of the separation of touch with reality in the form of the name of Buddha Ogneslav Petrovich. “