Our mothers were assured that we are not able to marry.

It was a long time ago, in the old country houses blooming lilacs, creaking swing, singing nightingales in their heads we had fog, and we liked absolutely “wrong” boys. We appreciated the ability to play the guitar, stand on your head for hours on end, and read the verses of the great poets.

Mom thought about the so-called “practical side of life.” On this side of our choices we looked unpromising.

In those years, shaggy does not have the Internet, and the girl with faulty calculators for brains did not know what can be called “consultants” and give subscribers tips on how to profitably sell your soup … sorry, the genetic set.

We all turned out to be a failure. Girls povyskakivali for some musicians, artists, engineers and the poor fans of African folklore. Of course, I broke the record, marrying not only for non-Muscovite, but also for Armenian (horror of horrors!) And art (in practice, civil death).

The exception (and the envy of all mothers) was Marina. Her fiancé Gregory was not too good-looking, on the head could not stand, but one of the first to appreciate the advantage of the Italian domestic toilets before and opened a chain of stores imported sanitary ware.

Our miserable cottages six hundredth Grisha walked, sighing and frowning, and said hurtful words: “Well, ubogenko, of course …”

Then Gregory said that “bought a hectare at the New Riga”, and this magic formula drowned in that envious sigh our matushkas that the nightingale in the bushes stopped and wondered whether not to give up on him and one hectare is too late.

Nearby cottage soon sold, and Gregory took Marina and her elderly parents to “New Riga”. Old men weeping, embracing neighbors which lived side by side for thirty years, and for a long time sitting on a bench under a huge spreading apple trees, grown from seedlings thin.

– Grisha, can leave them here? – I asked – pity them, they’ll become accustomed.

– Unprofitable – solid dropped Grisha, – And then you train itself judge, then what? And there – ha!

Life went on as usual. A dying old man, born and grown children.

We all worked from morning till night, the times were, as always, crisis, money is not enough …

Grisha, meanwhile, flourished. Marina, of course, did not work.

Generally, Grishin views on gender issues were simple and uncomplicated as a sledgehammer. “Baba should stay at home and raise children!” – Broadcast Grisha. The man, in his opinion, should “ensure” and completely lost the status of “man” if “ensure” could not. As for women’s careers and education, he believed that “too smart not wanted,” and all these stupid things they think only “second-class” women who “are out of luck.”

For me, Grisha did some semblance of exceptions. For example, I came to consult, which school to send their eldest first and then the younger son.

– Solve the issue with his wife! – I said.

– Do not be ridiculous, – said Grisha, – that with it can be solved?

When it came to the institute for consultation on vocational guidance Grisha came to me with her son, a cake and a bouquet of not less than three pounds in weight.

– Genochka – I kindly asked Grishin son – and my mother are you consulted? Mom knows you best of all, it tells you where you do.

– Mama? – Genuinely amazed teenager – So it’s this … Baba. Dura. What did she say ?!

Cautious peeking from behind the bouquet, I asked:

– Genochka, and I, in your opinion, who is?

– No, well, you train another thing – Gene smiled – Well you is … Professor.

Genin Dad nodded.

I will not bore you with the continuation of this story.

As a matter of it was that the beggar Engineer gradually became the director of a large company for the production of something sly and engineering, folklore lover took the family to one of the British campuses, and now he is a famous scientist, my husband made a pile of books on ancient art and It has become quite well-known specialist …

All well and Grisha.

Children grew up, finished, and I have chosen Grisha universities, are engaged in business. I think it will soon get married.

Marina Marina … lives “per hectare”. She still is. That is, she did not need anything. According to Grisha, of course. In the city it is forbidden to come.

In their Moscow apartment elegant living and aged polysevshy Grisha. With him currently lives a girl of twenty-five years, which, ironically, also named Marina. Grisha all people tradition. For example, he likes cars of the same brand – BMW. And change them every three years. Each time the increasingly sophisticated and expensive model. New Marina is very happy. At her age I do not want to think that the more advanced and expensive model is growing up somewhere in the fields of the Motherland, and soon …

To me Grisha sometimes you done. “Speak from the heart.”

Grishin bouquets then long standing in vases, causing me a vague irritation.

Probably, it is the envy of …

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