Many dream to throw a boring job from 8 to 17 and become an entrepreneur. Who is not tempted by the idea to set up their own business and be your own boss? But there are pitfalls of entrepreneurship, which we usually do not think. Larry Kim, a well-known entrepreneur, shared his experience in this difficult matter. Layfhaker publishes a translation of his article.



You will not be a second Steve Jobs, if you drop out

Many people mistakenly think that the only higher education shackles prevent them create the next successful corporation like Apple. But you will not become a millionaire, dropped out, – ask any employee of McDonald’s (not so much in the McDonald’s work was something shameful).

Neither Steve Jobs or Bill Gates did not give up the university to sit back and play computer games. Jobs continued to listen to lectures more than a year after the official withdrawal of the University (he later called one of the class on calligraphy inspiration), and Gates was planning the future of their company long before tossing Harvard.

Such people – a rare exception. Chances are, your business experience will be much more successful if you first complete the training.

And since we were talking about learning: Einstein did not failed the math exam, he was a brilliant student and mastered the calculus in 15 years. And he married his first cousin and never (if ever) to life was not wearing socks, so maybe it is time to stop considering him a role model in everything.

You have to be supermotivirovannym

Just say that you have to be independent, – to say nothing. You will have to solve all the problems, to engage with marketing and public relations, to coordinate finances and communicate with customers. Yes, over time, you may receive a private team, but at the beginning of all have to do alone. And this, as you can easily imagine, actually means that you will be in a state of constant stress .

Of course, if you’re really motivated, this experience will bring you many benefits.

You will not get rich immediately

When your business starts to grow and generate income, it’s wonderful. But this is just what lies the danger: the money and pulls spend to reward yourself for the hard work (who does not want to feel like a super hero, driving a brand new Tesla). However, it makes more sense to invest all the profits from the business in its further development, at least in the beginning, and not to treat his case just as a pig-coin box.

Procrastination – a death sentence for Business

In school, procrastination – just a bad habit. Yes, before the exam you will have to stay up all night and drink gallons of coffee, but in general, nothing terrible will happen.

When you crank his job, behind you there is no teacher, no boss. You set for yourselves hours and change to suit pajamas. Your “office” roams between the nearest coffee shop and your sofa. All this is particularly dangerous for people who are prone to procrastination . You constantly have to force myself to get back to work as though you would like to see another series “Game of Thrones.”

Dream Team to create not so easy

Even when you are 100% confident in your idea, friends and colleagues may not share your enthusiasm. Do not be surprised if they refuse to join you on a journey to the magical country of start-ups.

We all need to pay the bills and provide for their families, and few are willing to take risks and to go into business. To convince potential members of the team that your idea though as something reliable, you have to show them real results, but it needs to develop business skills and invest in their business.

Your pride can seriously hurt

The brutal reality is that about 80% of all entrepreneurs burns. In this case your failures become public, so be prepared: the question “Well there’s your business,” you will ask all the relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Get over the idea that you will fail. But instead revel in their grief, to draw conclusions from their mistakes . You may need a few tries to find his lucky ticket.

Success has never been so pleasant

Yes, being an entrepreneur is not easy, but the returns from this activity could be enormous. We often hear it’s nice to watch the development of their business, but until you will experience it for yourself, you will not be able to fully represent all the joy and pleasure of business.