Tuscany where art speaks

Italy’s Tuscany region is packed with some of the world’s most recognizable Renaissance-era art and architecture, including Michelangelo’s “David,” the works in the Uffizi Gallery and the Duomo basilica of Florence.



Visitors to Tuscany come for many reasons. Many come in search of fine art, others to explore the extraordinary countryside. Gourmets and wine buffs descend on Tuscany to enjoy the simple yet wonderful cuisine and wine. Walkers enjoy the mountain paths, cyclists the rolling hills, summer vacationers the sea coast and islands. Students come to learn the beautiful Italian language and culture.

Palio di Siena

The Palio takes places twice a year, for 2016, it took place on 2 July and the next event is on 16 Aug. 10 riders from the contradas from Siena ride bareback around the Piazza del Campo 3 times in order to win the coveted Palio, there is no prize money, the jockeys wear the colours representing their contradas and the race is taken very seriously by the Sienese. An amazing event to witness. Tickets are not cheap and we had to book them over 6 months in advance, but if you miss out on tickets, then try to arrive in Siena at least 3 days in advance and you can attend the trials which are free and where most of the locals attend, it has a very different atmosphere. The atmosphere was brilliant with the locals singing and chanting.


Sculpture of David

This was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I was overwhelmed by the talent of the artist. I don’t remember much else about the gallery. Everything else pales alongside David. The photos I took do not do justice to the beauty of the work. This was the highlight of my trip.



A small piece of advice

Book in advance to avoid long queues. And when you arrive (30 mins early) you have to go to a specific building across from the gallery to get your ticket. Then you join a short fast moving queue.

The place is fully of great artifacts, one can’t take eyes of them. So many place to visit, each place requires, more than a day to visit in detail. History has been preserved in such a beautiful way, that one can’t imagine, either he is in past history or present. So over taking once mind, that you will feel you came centuries back to the gold period of this amazing civilization.