Many of us spend on Facebook tangible part of its day. However, not all patrons of this social network can boast a good knowledge of all of its features. For example, many do not know how to subscribe to updates of interest to the post.


Despite the fact that Facebook has accepted blame for the senseless waste of time, and sometimes there are found really helpful posts and interesting discussions. So interesting that I want to carefully monitor them, so as not to miss a single comment.

Most often, in this situation, the interested reader inserts into the discussion of any comment to be notified of all updates to this post. Well, he might have something to say on the subject. But this is not always so for an interesting post as many messages such as: “Post listen”, “Sign up”, “That’s so interesting.”

Do not do this. Just click on the small arrow in the upper right corner of the post and click the “Enable notification for this publication.”

That’s all. Now you do not need to write any comments tortuous, if you want to follow the discussion of interesting topics you. All changes in fasting and new messages underneath you will receive a special notification.

And before you knew about this feature?