New Year’s holidays – the most dangerous time of the year. Follow these simple tips to protect yourself and family members and not to spoil the holiday.


Risk of falling when hang garlands and ornaments


Most people at this time of year, go to the hospital with injuries after falls. And to earn a concussion, fracture or sprain, it is not necessary to fall from a great height. To protect yourself from injury, follow simple rules.

  • Do not drink alcohol when to hang garlands and other decorations.
  • Do not decorate the apartment alone. It is better to close was someone else who can help or at least call an ambulance if you something happens.
  • Check the ladder before use. Make sure that all the steps and the whole dry.
  • Install the ladder. Put it on a level surface. It is best to have someone hold it when you stand at the top.
  • Do not let children climb on the ladder. If they want to help, even if you served ornaments or support ladder.

Even if you have already quietly hung garlands of all, do not forget about these safety rules. They are very useful when shooting jewelry will come the turn.

Danger start a fire


Garlands and candles create a cozy holiday atmosphere, but can easily lead to a fire.

  • Buy safe garlands: they must have a certificate of fire safety. Note garland with LED light bulbs, they consume less power and are less likely to overheat.
  • Check garland before use. Do not include garlands with cracked lights, open or worn wires and other damage.
  • Try to keep lighted candles in sight. Be sure to place them away from children and pets. Always keep burning candles near flammable objects (curtains, furnishings, tinsel and other Christmas decorations).
  • Consider the option of an artificial Christmas tree, new model specially made of fire resistant materials.

Do not forget, whatever tree you may be, an artificial or live, it can not be placed away from heat sources.

The danger of slipping and break yourself something


To protect themselves from the likelihood of slipping, remove the ice from the driveway to the house and garage. Here it will be useful specific reagents that will help get rid of ice. Try to fill them even before the snow falls. Suitable, for example, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, or simple rock salt.

To this mixture, add a little sand or cat litter. If the snow has fallen, it will clear as possible, and then pour a mixture.

Risk of suffering when dressing up the Christmas tree


Installing the tree is actually quite a dangerous occupation. Firs is much harder than it looks, so do not try to install your holiday tree alone. Otherwise, you can easily stretch the back or shoulder, spine damage, or simply fall off. Do not forget about it and after the holidays, when you remove the tree. Raising it, try to make the most of the burden falls on the feet, not on your back.

When decorating the Christmas tree also has safety rules that should be kept in mind. Best not to use glass toys: they are easy to beat, and the fragments can cause injury. The heavy or sharp toys can fall and injure someone.

If you have small children, do not hang decorations, like sweets or other food, avoid small toys with removable parts. The child may well mistakenly swallow them and choke.

Danger cripple when unpack gifts


You probably think that you this will not happen, but injuries (not just a scratch, but deep cuts and puncture wounds) when unpacking gifts happen quite often. Especially when people are using this unsuitable objects.

So aside kitchen knives (particularly badly sharpened), scissors and other inappropriate tools. If you do decide to open gifts knife, take safety knife (it is equipped with a special spring which automatically retracts the blade into the loss of contact with the work surface). Always cut away from yourself and make sure that the knife does not fall into the hands of children.

If small children can not open their own gifts, help them with unpacking.