Quietly, almost imperceptibly passed backyard bubbling network life knocks down the news in Lipetsk man raped a five-year foster daughter. The girl died.

And most of us would just once again poskripelo teeth and have limited mental “here freak out” if not for one fact: the rapist (expected – investigation is still underway, but the man had already confessed – Ed.. ) Served an altar boy in the local church. Orthodox Church. That is as it was Orthodox. And the family was considered exemplary: many children who believe, take a foster child … These circumstances have allowed some agencies, as is customary in such cases, inflate sensation: ROC worker turned pedophile, and in some places it even hastened to call a deacon.

I will not dissemble: the fact that people seem to have committed such a terrible crime, have been involved in the native Church, enhances the effect of the pain of the tragedy. Many Orthodox have tried to find a refutation, but in vain: the abbot of the temple confirmed that the culprit was his altar boy. And again and again you ask yourself: why is this happening? Why in the church environment a lot of strange people who do not have nothing to do with Christianity, criminals, psychopaths, scum? As they penetrate into the church environment? And most importantly – why?

Why do we go to religion? Why is all this so-called “spiritual revival” was a fiction? Why do we have and we do not change? Well, except that the temple is open …

In fact, most people resort to religion, not for some lofty goals like eternal bliss, and for good reasons, the earth, has nothing to do with spirituality: marry; I will do in the Institute; Oh, and I have not tried; I will prove that I am right; spare me here; son stop drinking. In the Church are women looking for hard hands that they would humbles; Men who are looking for women who want to be humbled; those who want power over the people and worship; those who in the person of the priest is looking for a tender daddy … And many people go to church for the fact that in common parlance is called “self-affirmation.”

Church after the legalization received a huge influx of people who want to reinforce their position in life with quotations from the Scriptures and the Holy Fathers. They go to church not to change, and to once again establish themselves in the right, to learn how to time and place result in the corresponding quote. For the name of God to justify their sin. Why so few people changed after a call to faith – originally stood in front of them for other purposes.
Egregious cases, and I know that not a single believeth brother took his sister to a couple of million debt, and when a year later, he was reminded of duty, brusquely stated that “having given in debt, do not ask back.” And people do not come to church yesterday, a believer for many years.

Familiar coming out of the “real Orthodox”, and three years later became the stepfather did not show interest in the parent 12-year-old stepdaughter, and faith is not prevented.

Orthodox mother of two year old son peel lash for each offense, and then by the scruff of his leads to the icons: “Repent! You – the sinner “But nothing of the Orthodox men beating their wives, and orthodox women, Exciting” spiritual lovers “can talk endlessly!. Here’s how, they ask, are all these people fit in their heads is licentiousness and Gospel teaching?

Two events in the Orthodox environment to a large extent contribute to the prosperity of these “copies”: our lack of readiness to make themselves Orthodox, as we have, and our manner of silent, watching lawlessness.

It is very hard to accept the fact that there are among our fellow rogues. Accustomed to consider their faith the world’s best and most correct (well, how else, she’s right-nice), we could hardly put up with such episodes, because they should not be, by definition, because we are Orthodox.

Denial – a method of psychological defense, which unknowingly used by people when they can not agree with any fact. After drawing the image of the ideal of the Church, we are very sensitive about anything that might somehow undermine this illusion. Therefore, those who dare to speak about the negative within the Church, immediately announce the Masons, secret agents, mishandled Cossack girls, enemies of orthodoxy. It is easier to deny reality than to accept the fact that your colossus of clay legs.

When “matron” published an article about the Uzbek boy Umarali, the following comments on the chief editor Margarita Julia Polak wrote: “We are still not ready” . And I’ll write we generally are not prepared for such situations. In addition, it is not only with the Tajik boys and Russian girls. In the case of Umarali it has been easier (as would be monstrous as it may sound) – a boy and a boy though, and it is also a pity, but it is not his own, he is a stranger. And in the case of the “bloody nanny” everything is clear – that the enemy’s victim. She – a stranger.

But the girl Lida – the most that neither is on his own, and who, according to investigators, killed her, too, the most that neither is on his own, and even in a square – Russian and Orthodox. Our. Which turned out to be the enemy. And we resent very hard, because it turns out we will resent his own brother in the faith, and not on some kind of evil aunt out of custody and not a stranger went to the roof. And we are not ready.

And how to understand where the conviction, and where non-judgment? And this cover and forgive? And, most importantly, how can we live with it? From what we have here are among the Orthodox, such moral monsters, how to answer the question faithless friend “why” when you yourself do not know why, and where this is the “why” to seek an answer.

Good silence – the scourge of the Orthodox community. As the standard evolves situation when float information about harmful, moments criminal behavior on the part of the Orthodox? Rather than give a fair assessment of its actions, the majority of the game begins to piety: “Do not judge him, God will judge him” “! He should be sorry” “! For it is necessary to pray” “We have to cover his sin!”

We are used to “cover sin” and “forgive”, often not knowing what cover offenders and forgiveness untie the hands of monsters. Do we become with their fear to denounce in amoebas Orthodox, who are afraid to show their attitude to such things, say no hard? Rather than stop the liar, rapist, thief, fornicators, we piously avert our eyes and pretend that we are not concerned – as it does not fall into the condemnation of sin.

Neighbors say the criminals that the foster mother Lida abused it, in particular, the girl often got cuffs. It is still unknown whether the rest of the children were subjected to the same methods of education, or “lucky” only Lida. However, we know that both parents before the final chord of a few days the girl was beaten with sticks and rope.

Quite possibly, they both found their justification in the Bible. Most likely, both will be considered mentally healthy, I do not believe in something that is so well-matched, two madmen, because even the classic said that only influenza together are sick and crazy go alone. This means that both of them to account for their actions and their religious beliefs prevented them from beating the child. And very well you can imagine that this may say “father” came to confess and repent of the sin of battering, and then went home – to continue, and the next confession was again: “Excuse me, sir, could not resist …”

And maybe he did not think beating a child of sin and never talked about it to the priest. In the Bible it is written that it is necessary – so not a sin. And surrounding together in silence, afraid to intervene. But then, when everything happens all at once embraced righteous anger, and all at once began to say that in the guise of Orthodox hiding scum. And all knew about it, but remained silent!

We have many years with both the written egg floated with the slogan “truth is only in Orthodoxy!”, That seems to be believed in his own infallibility. But the truth of religious dogma does not give any of us personally halo of sanctity, immune to sin, and in our own Church history lack of events that do not really want to talk, and that is difficult to explain from the Orthodox perspective.

We talk so much about Orthodoxy, instead of specific people with their specific troubles seeing a lot of praying. We should learn how to evaluate the actions of people, it is time to move away from the false piety, stop avert their eyes away from the misdeeds of our brothers in the faith. We must call things by their proper names, phrases and avoiding streamlined psevdoblagochestivyh installations.

There is a saying – God has no hands but yours. Evil is necessary to fight back, otherwise it will fight us. While the reach of God’s judgment, the offender will create so much evil, how would we ourselves, calls for “regret and condemn,” not to be side by side with him in Gehenna – for the fact that did not stop, they kept silent for fear of losing a pious look.

I want to condemn the killers of Lida. I do not want to cover it and wait for God will judge him.