Our world – a very precarious position. Feeling cheated, the logic is of limited applicability, knowledge constantly is not enough. Surprisingly not that smart sometimes plans do not work – amazing that we can do something to plan. All attempts to make a generally applicable rule of a happy life, as far as we know, failed me.

Man is so constituted that it can not help but try to find a way out of such a precarious situation. Time after time, people come up with a denominator of the universe, which will operate with a guarantee, always reaching the goal.

“If I am among the right people, then I will succeed”, “education – the key to success”, “we must work hard and everything will”, “horoscopes compilers wisdom allow me to not make mistakes,” “need a reliable source of verified information” “the thing is quality time management”, “this man is successful in his book explains how to do it”, “the problem is the wrong attitude to yourself,” “the world gives only what it invest”, “thoughts material “and so on to infinity.

When viewed from the side, of course, it is clear what all this foolishness. Proper education can suddenly turn out to be irrelevant, people sometimes betray each other, a positive attitude toward yourself will not protect against a drunk driver, trust in horoscopes never confirmed by an independent sociology, and the monkey simply bypasses these experienced exchange tredeyrov in their professional activities.

In order for someone to succumb to such tricks that exist only in order to defraud money from the frightened inhabitants, you must enter the person into the proposed framework. The easiest way to do this – to convince him to pay, taking advantage of the fear. Because I admit that laid out a round sum for what does not work – even more difficult, than to believe that the results obtained at weekly course knowledge can be something seriously change in life.

Recently flown on a video network from a certain lady-coach of the correlation of the level of wages of a man with his right to claim the attention of her students – it’s not about women, not about men and not about the money. It is the fear that it will not work, and those who fear it earns. With the same success it could be a pickup courses, cookery, fortune-telling on the Tarot cards or the measurement of geomagnetic anomalies. Does it matter what kind of broken method of constructing a happy family vparili poor girl from the big city?

And the most foolish, in this game you can not win (in a country where recently the state ideology was Marxism, forget about it at all ashamed). Because if she seriously decided to sell for money, then she will have to take a trading rule: as soon as something becomes a commodity, the price of having – it becomes a thing. The value of things is determined solely by the ability to perform a certain function. Personal care items exactly to the moment, as long as it is useful and appropriate, and then thrown out as soon as the thing loses its presentation, will change the fashion or mood will pass. Recognizing himself a commodity, a man condemns himself to being, sooner or later ejected in the trash.

And those whom he has appointed the buyers themselves, will only agree to the proposed terms. Because to treat a man better than he applies to himself, can only mother. Well, or God. Somehow I do not believe that the potential winner of the million certainly gifted generosity similar to the Lord’s mercy.

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