Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Someone often, someone less, but we somehow periodically happens in the World Wide Web where not only find useful information, but are faced with malicious content. And even if you are a young mother who attends exclusively “Mama” sites and communities in social networks, to avoid the latter, alas, will not succeed.

Many people have heard or themselves received a message about counterfeit medicines for children, appeared in pharmacies. Here is a list of drugs and cited the recommendation to refrain couple of weeks of their purchases. The report said the victims in Moscow twelve children who died from anaphylactic shock after receiving fake. If we consider that this news has spread with great speed, and it is in season, SARS and influenza, it is not surprising that the Ministry of Health and the reporters had to speak with her denial: the list cited those medicines that are prescribed in the season these diseases. If frightened parents were afraid to buy at the pharmacy said means, children, left untreated, may have been affected already actually.

Some time ago on the social networks in Russia and Kazakhstan walked a warning addressed to women: if to him on the street fit tearful child with a sign on which is written the address, did not accompany him there, and hand over to the police. Say, this is a new criminal scheme, and there are already affected. Treatment ends the call as soon as possible to disseminate this information.

It was also a terrible warning about AIDS terrorists infecting people through used needles from the syringes in chairs cinemas and public transport. Then the whole world looking for the missing for a long time and found a four-year boy who mysteriously “disappeared” from different cities of Russia.

For several years, it spreads through instant messengers terrible cynicism in his appeal: ” Hello !!! Help distribute, looking for a donor child. Dispersed, please, someone can. Death of 10-month-old baby, had a brain tumor, urgently need an operation, you need a donor, blood group a negative third, tel: 8-950-1950-942. The parents of the child is not enough money and “Eruls” “Onet” and agree to help them. “Onet” Check how many people have received this letter. For each sent three letters to the child’s parents receive at the expense of 32 rubles. If you send a minimum of 12 letters that you have in your profile will “Spasibo” icon. Guys, let’s help! “. I personally received it through votsap a month ago, so it seems, the “donor” are still looking.

What is common to all these messages? The fact that all the so-called fakie (derived from the English word fake – fake, trick, fraud). False sensational messages that spread with great speed in the network due to repost.

To deal with them is extremely difficult, and although in some cases the respective state bodies act with denials, official statements for some reason we believe is much smaller than such horror stories. Yes, and do not have time for rebuttal avalanche census.

What are fakes and spamming? In the case of political and interethnic ducks clear that they – a part of the information war. But why they are subject to the allegedly “peaceful” news?

Sometimes it is a relatively harmless hooliganism and trolling. But in most cases fake run not just: this is often a means to increase site traffic, and often fraud in order to obtain personal information or money with the victim.

Click on the link, you will find yourself on the site, where you can catch the virus or get a message about locking your computer (as a reason specified virus or, for example, a violation of any law). This is followed by a requirement to transfer money to the given account or send your details, information about credit card or phone number. The number can then be sold to spammers, with the card are debited funds. Alternatively, the computer becomes infected with a Trojan horse and covertly used by fraudsters, as its owner may be unaware. Even in fake may be driven by premium rate numbers or request to make SMS-newsletter. It is clear that, having made such a call, the person also fall for scams.

How to recognize a fake? In most cases, it is not difficult. Omit the fact that many such texts are written quite illiterate language and contain errors. Even if they are a literary masterpiece, note what emotions you is news. If after reading it visits the thought: “How terrible to live”, it is an occasion to reflect. Because fakie deliberately created so as to cause as much as possible strong emotions. The victims in these lists often perform the most defenseless categories: children, the elderly, the homeless and seals dog (usually a photo attached).

The government, doctors, law enforcement agencies are almost always, as it is written in the fake web texts, you are aware of, but silent, because can not do anything. And the information reported by a bystander, or a person to whom it is “told on the big secret relatives or friends working in the respective areas.” Therefore, the second sign of fakes is unreliable source of information.

If your tape in the social network has got a panic message, the first thing google beginning of the text. Usually fake years walking across the network, and you’ll stumble on to refute the information. Even if this “duck” – a new, vast geography posts, as is the case with the story of the missing boy, too, should alert you.

Attached to fake photos, if any, can also be checked via the Internet – for this there are several tools to keep track of the reverse image search, that is, to understand where they were taken. You can use, for example, Google Search by Image or TinEye.

Of course, getting such a “sensation”, it is difficult to stay calm, but it is worth remembering that, pressing the “Census”, we can unwittingly help fraudsters who use our fears or the most exalted emotions – love for children, kindness and desire to help, sense of justice and etc. In this age of computer technology, we become involved in the dissemination of information, and have to learn a certain caution and responsibility. So, before you share another “news”, you need to stop, try to turn off the emotions and think, instead of whether it is fake?