Since the beginning of the school year the debate is becoming more acute about what is taught in school, not taught, and why it is useful or useless in the modern world. Discuss everything from first-graders programs to astronomy lessons, and, of course, go into extremes. For example, one of these extremes: what to write by hand? Now, when there are computers, tablets, smart gadgets, and much more, it’s so convenient to use, if it is necessary to draw up a plan for the day, to record an important idea or the whole article. Fast, convenient, without corrections, easy to fix, you can draw beautifully. And the forest it is not necessary to cut down on paper … And in general, in Finland there are planning to remove from school education letter by hand, and only there that the school ahead of the rest!

On the other hand, the Internet is easy to find information about why successful people write by hand, and why this is necessary.

So still write by hand or not? What do we lose and gain that if master this skill? Good or bad, when children from coming in the first class, require not only knowledge of letters and beautiful handwriting? Let’s try to understand.

Let’s start with science

In the Soviet Union he lived a psychologist and founder of the interesting destinations – neuropsychology – Alexander Luria (1902-1977). During the Great Patriotic War, Luria led the largest neurosurgical hospital, and not just treating the wounded, but also engaged in serious research. He and his fellow researchers closely observed and described the case of an injury to the head. Depending on what part of the head (and therefore the brain) has been damaged, I have a problem that the patient is experiencing, trying to restore their writing skills which existed before the injury. For example, in patients with lesions of the parietal region people could not write a word correctly, if it did not loudly pronounces, if suffered temporal part, there is a problem when writing from dictation, etc.

These studies are described in the book of scientists “Essays psychophysiology letters”, and, perhaps, neither before nor after Luria no one laid so simple essence of the processes occurring in the human brain when writing by hand. Speaking generally, the letter – is a complex process, which involved almost all the areas of the brain, each of which is “responsible” for your profile: acoustic analysis of sounds, internal and external articulation, proper engine causing letters and more storage memory ideographic elements and etc.

So, learning to write by hand, we learn to analyze word by its sound (or, more correctly, phonemic) structure, we pronounces it (and then it’s pronunciation of is important for understanding words of power), we are writing or thinking about each letter, or just ” we issue a “whole word, so it is usual for the movement of the hand. Wow system! And if you remember the words of the old song, “the letters are different to write a thin feather in the book is taught in school are taught in school are taught in school”, it becomes clear why the process of learning to write approached very seriously, developed technique, I learned to write first in pencil and then pen …

And now? – Exclaims someone. Why do it now? What kind of stone age! Children are going to school already knowing how to write. But is it good?

Little Children and elementary school

So often in schools from the child for admission to the first class demand that he already knew how to write, and thus good handwriting. The first task of the first class – learn to write (well, beautiful, going through all the stages, step by step) is a family problem. But … By presenting a child at school entry requirement is nice to be able to read and write, we thus impose his neurotic rhythm of our time, is not it? Eternally “no time, not enough time, not enough time, it is necessary to have time.”

I wonder what should be enough time in first grade? In computer games? On space exploration? And, perhaps, a first grader should be logical, reasonable and in accordance with their physiology and psychology to develop? Learn to sit at his desk (yes, yes, throw a stone at me, but ideal for me – poluskazochny film “grader” in which the teacher teaches girls sit properly, and my school teacher who tried to save our backs on scoliosis). Learning to hold a pen properly. Correctly display letters. Pronounces words and syllables too. After pronunciation of which is the basis of learning to write, actually lays a very interesting and important skill – assessment of sound words as such. What could be more important in life, in communion than a properly fitted and spoken words? You think I’m exaggerating, but compare as treat-sounding words used, for example, the editors: outstanding representatives of this profession read aloud the whole proof that it does not hurt the reader’s ear. And the beginning – is to “weigh the ear” word to be written. So is it worth chasing handwriting to school? System, alas, does not change, but at least to understand the importance of proper learning to write – is worth it.

About Calligraphy

Our contemporary, the famous scientist and expert on psycholinguistics TV Chernigov in one of his lectures, said that in ancient China laid claim to high office had to pass two exams: verse and calligraphy! Undoubtedly, Chinese calligraphy, as, indeed, any other – is a philosophical system, but to some extent, any letter from the hand – it is nothing else than a simple philosophy. Philosophy of meanings, feelings and sensations. And the philosophy of logic, sequence, hierarchy thoughts. What to say at first, but then what?

Great writes about Luria: “If the student has to write a letter or a free presentation, the idea at first limited to a particular idea, which later formed a phrase from the phrase already highlighted the words that should be written first.” Complex process, which we sometimes do not even realize. Complex processes, structuring and disciplining thinking.

It is believed that calligraphy has a therapeutic effect: soothes, brings thoughts in order. Probably not in vain therapists are advised to deal with heavy thoughts (of any kind) to write these thoughts by hand on paper and then burn the paper.

And if in practice?

Words and theoretical calculations are not always convincing, but sometimes are important observations. Working with business, ends the MBA program at London Business School, I noticed that they all meetings all written by hand in a large common notebook. Why? What for? It turns out that so much of the stored, easier to structure thoughts and questions, it is easier to build a future strategy, paint problems and their solutions. Linear thinking is in demand more than ever, and the letter from the hand very, very helps to develop it. It can be argued that klipovoy thinking intended to carry out their tasks, but, I think, with complex scientific problems it can not cope. Both types of thinking are important to perform different work, but to handle complex data sets – that can be described as “boring reading”, the linearity is required. And its roots – in the letter.

We are different, of course

Of course, everyone is different, and different children. And someone is given an hard (this can and should work … however, I will not retell the book Luria), someone easier. But if you love and know how to write by hand, here’s what additional advantages appear in your life?

you can keep a diary and to feel a little hero of the novel … reread blog in his spare time to think about the publication of his autobiography;
If you’re a student or a student, you can write notes to a friend or girlfriend – the teacher did not even think that you are writing a note – what if everyone has a mobile phone?
you can write Christmas cards, and it will be your signature style;
if you want someone to tell a nasty things, then these nasty evil can write large letters, and to tear the paper. Maybe it will help?
in a boring meeting, you can pretend that you’re serious about recording everything he says – in fact, you write poetry, compose a shopping list, write down your thoughts and build a brilliant business development plan for the whole year – on paper, it is faster and better;
you can arrange with your child “funny dictations” – to dictate to each other funny texts and to give the child to check your dictation …
If you are a student, then the recording of lectures, you can divide the page into two parts: a large – to abstract, and less – for add-ons, issues its notes and even – for the drawings!
And (this is the only secret) you may like to Onegin Tatiana, writing about his love elegant handwriting …