Demi Lovato has some tattoos that we all just love to see. But, have you ever thought about the meanings behind them?
Well, the former Disney star has finally opened out what they mean and why she chose the designs:

1. Blackbirds
According to Seventeen, Demi told Refinery29 that the birds represent moments when she was willing to be free but she was in sober living until she realized that the design made by Kat Von D has 12 blackbirds representing 12 steps.

2. “You make me beautiful”
According to Refinery 29, this is a quote from a Christian song, “Beautiful” by Bethany Dillon. This is to remind her of God’s love whenever she is in rough times. The singer got it when she was 16 years old.

3. III
This one is really heart-touching. According to Refinery29, she got it as a tribute to her father who passed away in 2013 to represent the times she had with her father when they were bonded over race, and three is the number of Dale Earnhardt, their favourite driver.