This article is a reflection more intended for girls. But men, too, it is useful to read. Theme inspired by another pained cry, “Please help me !!!”

The situation in which asked to help find out, the classic:

She is friends with a young man longs for love and, of course, a ring on his hand and a collar around his neck. But the “bride” is not grunts – not calves, what type of friends, but somehow sluggish, leading some strange talk about his difficult character, about the fact that he was afraid to spoil a girl life, and eventually break up the relationship. Girl in tears: What is it ?! I have for him, and he … And what do I do now, and how to be, I love it !!! And he…

Lovely girl! Do not create traps of love.

A friend of mine once said: “In Russia, women are born with a dream to get married.” Hand on heart – often is the case. Barely surpassing the threshold, after which the law allows an official marriage, young ladies rushing headlong in search of Mr Right, fearing that “not enough at all,” and in these throws make one fatal mistake that could cost them in the future happy family life. How does this happen?

Faced vending young man, she begins to lure him and starts the game at love. Basically men are arranged so that in most cases they respond to this game. This does not mean that he loved you. He simply responded to the offer and wants to see what happens.

And then a girl and falls into the trap of their own emotion and imagination. Sometimes amazing things happen that defy any explanation from the point of view of common sense. Situations are the same as a blueprint: met, chatted a couple of times about that, about this, and the girl is about to get acquainted with his parents. Why are there with their parents! She had the dress looks. However, well even if it was, this meeting. It also happens that knowledge does not extend beyond the virtual. Available only correspondence and nothing meaningless chatter, and the girl has already decided that it is “the same”, the long-awaited, and only beloved and began to wait, when he will call to the altar.

Then she continued to play the game, they say, is not relying on a partner. It creates the illusion of love relationships. She enthusiastically playing in love, faithfully believing that her partner meets her affection. It first calls and makes an appointment, she gives him little presents and arranges syurpriziki begins to take care of him as if they were husband and wife, in a word – it leads to the couple. A young man just goes with the flow.

It must be said that these traps are mainly men fall, do not differ willed character. They lack the courage and determination to say – dear, I’m sorry, but you’re not my people. Afraid to speak openly about it, the man takes the distress the girl who has decided to marry him. How could it look like?

The man who wants to marry, will not pull the rubber, he marries. He will not talk about his bad character. He makes an offer.

If a man says he is afraid to ruin your life, it does not mean that he tenderly refers to you, and that he sees no prospects of your relationship.

If a man says that he has a difficult character, it means that he wants to say, “Leave me first!”

The end in these games?

In most cases there is a rupture.

Well, if the rupture occurred before the marriage. Girl cry mesyatsok and calm down, and go to look for happiness in the other side.

Much worse, if a man was not able to find the strength to break and eventually ended up in the girl’s husband and father of her children.

To live with unloved man hard. Men hardly suffer psychological difficulties, and even add to it and what it feels conquered. For a man, it is offensive. This should he win, the psychology of the male sex. Marriage turns into painful for both co-residence, in which both run into a wall of despair. The woman, feeling that she was hated, he begins to fall apart, a man, not finding the strength to tear the living “for the children” can drink or go on a spree.

Games in the end love is always drama. It will take a year or two, maybe three or five, and the man did not survive. He’s gone. It is possible that by this time he met his true love and hate you even stronger, because you will be an obstacle to his personal happiness. And then followed by a dramatic divorce, after which the woman feels betrayed: “I’m for it did everything, and he …” either save the appearance of marriage, life “for the sake of the children”, but the woman will have to put up with her husband’s mistress and lived all his life to dislike. She will feel superfluous, unnecessary, disturbing. Of course, nothing good comes out of such a relationship will not work. Children are very thin feel the atmosphere of relations between parents. You will not notice it, they will not tell you about it, but its imprint on the child’s mind such a marriage will inevitably impose.

Of course, for every drop of straw is not planted. But it is not necessary to go on was a thin ice, hoping that will carry. Illusions tend to collapse, family relationships in this regard – is no exception. Marriage – a game in four hands, one party does not fulfill this.

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