In discussing social advertising network of the bank. For those who do not know – a terrible story about how terrible (like a maniac) Santa Claus steals too busy mom, do not pay her daughter attention and drags her through the mountains and valleys, and then, when she was quite Hunted, gives her a letter in which her daughter asks Santa Claus to give her mother. The finale, of course, positive.

And I think, am I one was so silly or sentimental fool, who liked this movie and is not seen nothing to do violence or humiliation of women, nothing that this video abuse and anyone who does not agree, decisive click of the mouse otfrenzhivayut? No, something’s wrong with me. But what?

Firstly, I can not take literally a story in which there is Santa Claus. Every fairy tale character, means tale, which has its own laws, including temporary. Against this background, this seems funny, for example, claim the authors of video: “And who left the girl, while her mother is being tested? It is at this time had a terrible trauma. ” I think it is a question of the series: “Where parents Masha as she runs through the forest and friends with Mishka?”. Briefly – a fairy tale. So, a girl or a nurse, or somewhere else, and Santa Claus has done so that my mother called her and said, well, going away on a business trip, do not cry, baby. Or something else. Or grandparents took the baby and reassured.

So, with the fate of the girls, I hope, clear. Oh girl, you have to think, Santa Claus took care.

Now for the worst. Why abduct and fun? Wow. Promoting violence, of course, it’s terrible. But I am drawn to consider this cruel action from different angles. First, remember how the fairy tales there is a change in the characters, their formation. Remember the girl-beauty goes to seek her spouse (or one – its Vasilisa the Beautiful)? “While seven pairs of iron shoes not istopchesh, yes seven loaves of iron are not exuding, you will not find.” And you think, what it is – to go to the iron shoes? And I imagine scary, in a bloody mess after the first leg of the day become. Mom girl is not she went, she was kidnapped? Well, this happened in our fairy-tale forests. Wicked beauty of her pride kidnapped, and even put to sleep, and then wake up – and will be meek, gentle, sweet, sweet. And it will be all happy. There are, for example, such a Spanish tale “Infanta Inessa.” There evil Infanta can save only one to whom she did not do evil. In general, the kingdom’s only one person was found! And what Infante did not want to be visited, and I did not say anything. Who would want this?

Secondly, I can not inflamed his imagination not seen at all biblical allusions (yes, the Bible!). Santa Claus with his gleaming knife on top of the mountain reminds me of Abraham. Who was ready to sacrifice the beloved son to bring. And it would bring, among other things, only, of course, God did not allow. But if you imagine the horror and pain experienced father and son at that moment when the knife was recorded on young men – then Santa Claus and does not seem so scary. What does not seem to? Mountain. Heavy ascent. The knife in his hand. Loving (probably) people Santa Claus. Fear of death. And the release of not only the fear of death, but also from the bonds.

Even the ancient Greeks used to say about the benefits of catharsis. Purification through suffering – an idea that probably disgusted with modern humane consciousness. But again and again we read tragic stories, and sometimes empathize with people who have had to endure this pain. Can we continue to look for a catharsis? To me, a very cathartic in this video. But it is for me.

However, Santa Claus can be seen even from a different perspective – it is life itself roller heroine, who drags her, and drags, and she does not want to, but it is … Or maybe it was her subconscious she draws, she herself drags from her daughter ? After all, the old man is in the car when a woman looks at the photo and daughter … Go make out!

Sometimes you need to fill a lot of cones, go through fire and water, in order to understand the importance of being with someone who loves you. Yes, all working mothers want only the best for children, but … After all, we buy all-all-all, and how many times they would just go on our Zakorko? Not in a deep understanding of whether we “nedodat” children, is the rejection of this movie?

It scares me only, so that people literally took this video. Just like a sheet read: woman – unhappy, Santa Claus – a maniac, fu, how disgusting! After all, if it goes, then soon forgotten how to understand the fable. And in general – to practice. It’s an allegory, is not it? Fantasy? And if so, why such a literalism?

Here is more about feelings of guilt forgotten … This is a separate issue, of course, but still I will say a few words. Do not you think that we have inspired, like guilt – is it bad? It is inspired. No, of course not to say that from morning to night to gnaw myself with the thought “I am guilty, guilty, guilty” – is good and salutary. But sometimes feel guilty, especially before close, very useful. I will cite as an authority on Nicholas Berdyaev: “Not every aristocratic resentment psychology, psychology of any claim. It – plebeian psychology. And aristocratic psychology of guilt, guilt-free children of God. Aristocrats tend to feel more guilty than offended. This aristocratic mentality permeated Christianity. The Christian consciousness of the sons of God, and not slaves of peace, freedom, children, and no child needed – aristocratic consciousness. Those who feel God’s stepchildren, wronged by fate, losing precious, aristocratic features. Noble, noble should feel that everything that elevates it received from God, and all that humiliates him, is the result of his guilt. ”

Probably few childhood stories now read. Literalism keeps growing and growing … and guilt … fear.

Dixi. Otfrenzhivayte.