She called me in the middle of the night, choking back tears. “My husband … he …”. “I got in an accident,” – flashed through my mind – ‘broken arm or leg, received a serious diagnosis. ” “It changes me” – breathed girlfriend.

The tragedy unfolded quiet family evening, when her husband, nonchalantly bake with the kids in the kitchen his trademark pie, shouted: “Honey, bring the phone, my hands in the flour!”. The display shows the caller name is only the beginning – “My favorite m …”.

“My Favorite … Who could he call it?” – She sobbed into the phone, making the most improbable assumptions. Accountant with the old work? She signed him (and still ten men in the department) card on 23 February. First love? So what if she had three children, and she lived for ten years in another country. “And maybe it’s – favorite Masha?” – Suggests a girlfriend – “I think, Masha called our neighbor to testify in four houses.”

“And what Kostya said, your husband?” – I asked. At the other end of the line has hung heavy silence, “Nothing. I did not ask. He will still deny it. I’m going to write an application for a divorce! “.

Next on my part were much persuasion, explanation, that these numbers are usually written as “Vasily Ivanovich from work”, a request to talk to her husband, but my friend was adamant. Here’s another! Degrading, attempting once a loved one, as an investigator. He will deny it, it will not change anything …

I remembered a story that happened to me a few years ago. The friend then told me on social networks, my husband puts her apostate “husky” and even calls for a romantic date in a cafe. I was very surprised and happy, because at that time, was not married.

– What kind of husband are you talking about? – Just in case I said.

– Well, here he is, in the photo comes to you from one tent.

The photograph from the campaign, in which we went from childhood friends, the tent is really peeked two carotid unkempt man – me and my old friend. For us in this image is invisibly present three more human. At night they all got into my spacious, multi-tent sleeps with the words: “The camp is divided. The camp is divided Volodya. Volodya in the dark, we accidentally broke a house, so we’ll sleep with you. ” The next morning we took off girlfriend crawled out of the tent to the fire. My alleged “husband” and the girl even invited me to witness the wedding then. One shudders to think what would have happened if she silently sent “apostate” in the black list.

Just ask! How rarely we use such a simple solution to our family problems. My boyfriend resented me for a month, until he found out that investing in purse (probably still in school years) Photo nice young man with a guitar – just a smaller poster singer of Maroon 5, which I wore in the hope of one day to get his autograph.

The hero of the film sci-fi movie “Inception” did not ask my wife if she leaves him a fictional reality, to return to the real world. He invented a clever scheme, settled into her head the idea that everything is unreal and wrong. This led the couple to the terrible tragedy, one of them had to remain “lonely old man, full of regret,” only because the idea of “straight talk” did not come to the hero Leonardo DiCaprio in the head.

My friend did not leave her husband because of “favorite m …” immediately. She worked hard to hire a private detective (her husband was hiding so that children regularly took them into the garden, went to work and back), find and read his diaries (not a word about Masha, a deceit). Needless to say that, seizing the moment, it still looked into his phone, where he met her mother-in number was recorded fondly as “beloved mother”.

“We had a talk with him at once,” – she lamented. Somehow, I very often hear this phrase as a result of complicated stories, sometimes ending in divorce, broken sets and scratched hood of the car. We almost never look for the easy way and the easy way punished us for it, turning into a sophisticated rocky road, which sometimes are beyond even the most experienced travelers.