Pauline Arutyunov – happy wife, a mother of twins charming, which will soon be four, and a very fine artist. Enthusiastically Pauline beginning to draw in the decree and since then generously shares his talent with like-minded people – in its instagrame  more than 6000 subscribers, and connoisseurs of its creativity are willing to buy her watercolors. Pauline told us about the joys and challenges of motherhood, the sense of creativity and its philosophy of family life.2


Twins – always a surprise, but in my case the expected – almost all women on the maternal side were twins. When we found out about it, we were incredibly excited. I immediately came up with the names of the boys, and when the children were born, I already know who is who, the names they came up perfectly.

Pregnancy was not easy: a total of about 4 months I spent in the hospital, sometimes I let go lie down at home. I remember very much like to go shopping, pick kids clothes, toys, but I had to do it after delivery. Of course, it is not all mothers of twins – and thank God.

Home was originally a double challenge for me that it is impossible to simply squeeze the breast and the baby to sleep. Or roll up the child in the sling and go to the store. All the while nearby there is another child who may be quite different from the first requirement. This is a constant feeling of discontinuity – the main difficulty for me. And insulation: when I was waiting for the children, I always dreamed as after birth will walk all over them. Of course, we is not got: stroller for twins itself weighs a lot, with children even more, and she goes everywhere. Just because the store did not you come with children, so we basically walked in the park and on the street. And I had to share a walk with the kids and our walks together with her husband, when we wanted to stay together. There really helped my mother – even though she works, but heroically to find time.

As they grow, these moments are smoothed. I am very happy mom. I am happy that the two of them, because they will never be alone. But sometimes I envy those mothers who are at first simply dissolve in a child, in this pure motherhood. I was not this time because of the difficult recovery after cesarean and life difficulties that hit me after discharge from the hospital.

The rest of the twins – it’s great, it’s twice the love, hugs, laughter and joy. It is touching to see how the children protect each other what they are friends. They bring into our lives with her husband so much sense! It is our sense.


About her husband I want to say separately: I can not imagine how I would have coped without him, not to mention my creative implementation. Remember the phrase from the movie “Office Romance”, “Mother he became Novosel”? So we have. My husband very much takes care besides the content of the family. Second of a man and a father, I have never seen.


With my husband, we married almost 10 years. He is an engineer, graduated Baumanku, and is now engaged in geophysics. Offer Sasha I did on the second date, and two months later were married. With my husband I was incredibly lucky. He’s incredibly smart, decent, kind man. The amazing father. For me it is always a shoulder support and adequate point of view, when it seems that everything is collapsing.


Sasha – my best friend, and I think the main family relationships. We need to be friends, respect each other, be protected from anything that might hurt. I read somewhere: “Weaknesses in humans need to know to never let them touch it.” That is very important. And just as important to respect other people’s boundaries. Husband, wife, child – all individuals, despite the fact that we are a family, and if I feel that someone wants to be alone, do not take offense, and accept it. In the end, to be alone with a sometimes very necessary for all.


Any strict principles of allocation of time I do not. The only thing that I hold, – a strict sleep and food for children. I believe that it is right. A couple of times tried to ride – no good came of it.

With children I do myself: learn numbers, the alphabet read. I do not insist, they are asked to work out. It usually takes about 15 minutes a couple of times a day. The rest of the time we read, play with them. By the way, they play on their own – I never knew how to play along with children and I can not overcome himself ( smiling ).



I have two diplomas: the first – art critic (I studied at the Department of General History of art at the History Faculty of Moscow State University), and one more year at the Faculty of Journalism alma mater studied media design and communication.

I confess that I worked up the decree is not too much. Immediately after the History Department, I applied to journalism, and now I understand that it was not a deliberate decision. Said apparently that if all without exception would be designers no matter what, and I wanted to continue to study art, but with a more practical point of view.

I think that only a few are acutely aware of the age of 17, who they see themselves in the future, the ability to identify with the profession. All other things can change many times. And in the history department, and journalism I have seen people who were burning their future profession, they were in place. Alas, I was not one of them. I’m glad I got a good education, but now, of course, would have made a very different choice.

Before the decree, I managed to work as a graphic designer and designer-coder. The last work takes two periodicals – this part of the job I loved the most. Nothing compares to the feeling of freshly printed newspaper, the magazine, which you impose yourself! With the last job I went on maternity leave and at some point in the decree decided not to return to the profession.



I started to paint in the decree, when the children were 1.5 years. I can not say that it was a thirst for self-realization, it would be too one-sided. Rather, I was just drawn to it. I started with simple drawings pen, pencil. Then I tried watercolor and love. Now for me, the drawing – a half of my life. I suffer if I do not have time for this. By drawing, I like to lead an internal conversation and during this conversation, finds himself, finds peace and completeness.













The main difficulty and obstacle was the lack of time left for creativity. In addition to her husband and two children in my mother needs attention, elderly grandparents, our home. But the children are older, the more understanding they relate to what is important to me. Watercolor for me now – and enjoy the work. I take part in collective exhibitions, prepare a solo exhibition, sell their work, occasionally writing on request. Occasionally – because I love to do custom stuff. I consider myself an artist, not a craftsman, and I like to put into the works of their own ideas and their own world. Since September, I began to teach a course in watercolor painting kalachevaschool (School of Drawing Veronica Kalacheva) – watercolor largest school in Russia. It gives me strength to go on.

Many young artists (and indeed many who are trying to deal with a new kind of creativity for themselves) are afraid of failure, afraid of criticism from others. I can advise only one thing: do not keep this in mind. Do not listen to anyone who says that you have not come out, it’s not yours, it’s funny. From such “well-wishers” have to stay away.

It is very difficult to maintain confidence and continue to do things like that, if you see that you are not very good at it, and others is remarkable. The recipe is only one: train – another method had not yet been invented. It always gives fruits. Comparing yourself to others is necessary, but not all the time, and periodically. Guided in this, in my opinion, better than the same novices and masters on strong. And all will turn out. The main thing is as banal as it may sound – to believe in yourself.

PS While preparing this material, Paulina maternity leave came to an end, and her kids went to kindergarten. Now the talented moms the opportunity to devote more time to his hobbies.