August 1, 2016 reported that the former Taiwan live video explosion burst female anchor, "big Meng sister," in June this year to switch to Taiwan in the new North and opened a beef noodle shop boss, still do not change the hot style, often big cause of the sun Line, continue to burst milk dressing hospitality, the results attracted a lot of fans flocked to face shop business constantly, let her unexpected, but because of its image hot, but also so that she was numerous.

She bluntly, facebook fans recently to nourish the page, asking price, or even look at abnormal nipples and other sexual harassment message, do not rule out the notice.

She said that his dress style has not changed, so far since opening is not specifically to use this way of marketing, there are guests to her film, photos on the Internet forward, the results of a little increase in the performance of a face shop, but the result is not They want, and hope that guests can pay more attention to their food.

Yilan “Taiwan 7 line” to Taipingshan section, along with a lot of watermelon field, the industry will sell watermelon stall, intense competition. A young proprietress “bean sprouts” come up with a strange move to attract tourists eyes …..

The young proprietress took the original price tag to write a thick Mark Pen will be on the ground selling large watermelon as their canvas, where the chinchillas, Mickey Minnie, Snoopy … and other patterns are drawn, many tourists feel “painted Watermelon “is very novel, will stop to take pictures.

Even more so friends applauded, “Boss beautiful and talented!” Bean sprouts 10 years of painting based on the general pen less than 5 minutes to complete a pattern.

In the fb live, less than 5 minutes, a chinchilla watermelon appeared in front of users have addressed the skilled, good.

In fact, the bean sprouts watermelon stand there is another bright spot: eat watermelon do not have money! After the tourists can eat is cut a large sweet watermelon, to try to eat the amount of no mercy.

Foreign secretary to divert stinky tofu sister is: do not do the same

Foreign secretary to divert stinky tofu sister is: do not do the same