In order to help the young men and women to build a met, love, looking for their own perfect love platform, Heihe City held the first large-scale outdoor "You Are the One" water affair, attracted many beautiful "cool" battle.

Activities, they pass through the game, love the insurance box, fate of this life, sexual gratification and other games, to help young men and women to further enhance mutual understanding, each other established goodwill, the last 15 pairs of handsome boys and girls successful hand.

The number of boys attending the blind date to participate in the General Assembly accounted for two-thirds of the total number, some boys did not succeed in hand frustrated smile said: “Wolf less meat!” The picture shows the scene will be blind date.

The picture shows the scene will be blind date.

In the water cube leisure park, more than 200 single men and women come to participate in blind date activities. Different from the traditional blind date, the blind date activities, asked to come to singles “cool” appearance, men unisex shorts, ladies wear bikini.

According to the organizers staff said that blind activities have hundreds of people apply, most of them between the ages of 22 to 40 young men and women to enterprises and employees mostly, many of the company’s white-collar workers, with stable work and substantial income.

“Usually busy with work, so there is not much time to take care of personal problems.” 28-year-old Mr. Wang said that at his age, marriage issues become parents and friends are most concerned about the topic, he felt the pressure, the enrollment activities, Can meet the favorite object.

Single men and women and tourists are in the water leisure. In order to help single men and women to eliminate embarrassment, in the day’s activities, the organizers for the single men and women who carefully prepared the water drum pass, swimming lap relay race, two body water polo and water jump “small apple” Dance, love treasure hunt, artificial waves and other interactive activities.

Event organizers of a site staff said that in hosting the blind date activities, attach great importance to security issues. The quality of the participants have certain requirements to participate in this activity of the single men and women must be real-name registration for registration of identity documents, and after the approval of the organizers to participate.

Beijing youth staged “bikini” blind date