Sometimes it seems that the holidays invented only in order to give each other gifts. And it can go just astronomical sums. If this year you want to go to the selection of gifts easier, use the simple method.



Rather than buying in stores everything, in his next campaign for gifts stick to these four categories: desire, clothing, a must read. That is, for each one you would like this year to shower gifts (children, the second half, and all kinds of relatives), cut the shopping list to four items on the categories mentioned above.

1. desire

Gifts of this category – a great opportunity to indulge loved ones. Buy, for example, a gadget , which they have long dreamed of.

2. Clothing

Pick something useful, but at the same time cheerful. The main thing that people then happy to wear this thing. Good suitable pajamas, T-shirts with funny slogans and fluffy warm socks.

3. Need

This gift serves two functions: pleases and satisfies some need. Present can be anything, such as a new backpack for the replacement of old or any device that has long been broken.

4. Reading

Well, find something informative . Although you can give and a stack of glossy magazines, if someone prefers this reading.