Phobia – an irrational fear that occurs in certain situations. Fear appears and grows, the part it seems that its origin can not be any logic. Man, aware of their phobias, begins consciously avoided getting into a situation that can provoke an aggravation of fear.

Perhaps there is no person who has not suffered from a phobia – do not all rush to admit it, and some just do not believe their fears with something serious. Some phobias quite harmless and does not affect the quality of life. Others may provoke social exclusion and disability. In that case, if the fear of actually interferes with life, you need to seek help from a specialist.
Doctors there are about five hundred phobias. Among them it is quite common, and very rare. Some phobias are simply amazing and the existence of many of them, most simply do not realize.

Turofobiya – fear of cheese
People suffering turofobiey never eat cheese. Some people are afraid of panic only certain grades, while others fear is a showcase in the supermarket. For those unfortunates who suffer from this phobia, fear is associated with a particular event from his childhood, associated with eating cheese – one choked sandwich, while others had a chance to try the cheese.

Fear and negative emotions is not just cheese, but the people eating it. One of the women, suffering turofobiey, told me that her boyfriend decided to make her a romantic breakfast in bed brought a cheese plate. The girl gripped the real horror, and then to continue the relationship could not be considered.

Omfalofobiya – fear gizzards
Those who suffer omfalofobiey fear gizzards. They can not stand when someone touches the navel (his or someone else’s), as well as to touch someone else’s navel fear.

In most cases, people just try not to look at the navel, as their appearance causes discomfort. A more serious situation – fear that all the internal organs through the navel fell out.

NOMOPHOBIA – fear of being out of coverage

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Name this phobia – cut, formed from the words ┬źno-mobile-phobia┬╗, that is a phobia to remain without a mobile phone. There she was already in the 21st century and spread mainly among office workers. They worry when the battery level drops to a critical level or if in the train station, where they go to work, poor reception. About half of those who suffer NOMOPHOBIA, never turn off your cell phone. The level of stress experienced by them when the phone is disconnected, is comparable with the stress felt by patients when visiting the dentist, or the couple on their wedding day.

Papafobiya – fear of the Pope
People suffering papafobiey fear of the pontiff, and everything else that is associated with the Pope. In some cases, it occurs against a background papafobiya ierofobii – fear of the clergy, which later transformed into the fear of only one of them – the Pope. Symptoms experienced by papafoby, typical of other fears – cold sweat, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea.

Gippopotomonstroseskippedalofobiya – fear of long words
6Funnily enough, the fear of long words is called a word consisting of such a huge number of letters, which seemed specifically designed to scare the person who suffers this phobia. People experiencing anxiety and fear of having to read and pronounce long words. They may feel discomfort even when they just hear the words from the other.

The disorder often occurs in those who are afraid of public speaking – many people wrongly believe that they are not smart enough for such events, as unable to cope with difficult words.