These star moms want to say something important to anyone who wants to shame lactating women.

On the occasion of the National Breastfeeding months we have collected famous moms who defended their right to feed whenever and wherever they deem it necessary.

Meet the 13 mothers who protect breastfeeding from Alyssa Milano, who became famous for his performances in support of GW, and to Mila Kunis, admits that her “reproachful glances” when she fed the child in a public place.


Kristen Bell, American actress

Calm down … It’s just breasts.

From an interview with the Redbook , 2014


Alyssa Milano is an American actress and singer

You are lucky that there is no child. I would have grabbed him and began to feed directly in front of you.

From the speech of the program of The Wendy the Williams Show , after Williams said that she was “not keen” to see how women are breastfeeding.


Thandie Newton, British actress

My body created for this purpose. And it is for me to decide how to deal with it.

From his post in Instagrame in July 2016 on how she nursed during the music festival. The actress also added the hashtag #Freedom (freedom).


Jamie King, American actress and model

We are all there, we eat in the sight of men. What’s bad about it?

Interview of the People , 2014


Regan Gomez is an American actress

Chest only used for its intended purpose, that you so afraid of?

Twitter, 2015


Kourtney Kardashian, American fashion model and actress

I think so, if someone sees “something out there somewhere”, so let’s not looking, if he does not like.

From the blog in the Journal of the People , 2010


Selma Blair, American actress

I do not care that I have someone hurt. I have a child hungry.

Interview of the People , 2012


Laila Ali, American boxer sporstmenka

Breastfeeding lasts so long! Leave the mothers alone, let him feed.

Interview Best for babies, 2011 g .


Pink, American singer and actress

Breastfeeding is, in my opinion – is normal and natural.

This should be my baby, and I do not care if someone thinks otherwise.

Alan Carr. Chatty Man, 2012


Jessica Alba

When you become a mother, the last thing you want to buzz about you,

and so because of the power is knocked out, to do everything well.

From an interview with People in 2013, in which Jessica protect the mother’s choice to breastfeed or sleeping together.


Mila Kunis, American actress

I do not like? Do not look.

Interview of Vanity Fair , July 2016


Tonya Lewis Lee, American actress and producer

Every woman who chose breastfeeding, need support, and ultimately benefit from this all.

From the speech in 2011 at the event of Call to the action to support of breastfeeding (breastfeeding support call), organized by the Regina Benjamin, who heads while the health sector.


Nicole Trunfio, an Australian model and actress

There is nothing worse condemnation given before the mother’s address, feeding the baby in public.

From the post 2015 Instagrame with the image of nursing Nicole on the cover of Elle Australia .

The Huffington Post

Translation Alexandra Matrusovoy