The last 15 years of his life, Anna has forgotten what it means to “not hurt”. Pain is present in every cell of the body permanently. And yet, to my last breath, Anna Herman sang, wrote music, prayed and worried about her husband and son, and sadness that she did not live to see, as the son grows up, what he will have grandchildren.

“Treasure of the star” Anna German and now, many years after her death, shines for those born after leaving Anya, as they called her friends.

And Anna was born in Urgench, in the Uzbek SSR February 14, 1936 This year, she would have turned 80 years old. But what’s the point in the subjunctive? If her life was an accident … If it was not cancer … And if it was not her top people – Zbigniew husband, mother, son?


Anna was German – her ancestors in the XVIII century, moved from Germany to Russia. Anna’s father was arrested and executed in 1937, my mother married a Polish officer, and after the war, went to Poland. As a child, Anna was already beginning to understand how difficult it is to be yourself. House spoke plyattdoych – Upper German, but as soon as the war began, the native language was banned. And who were the case that German Germans for centuries lived in Russia and worked for its benefit? Herman repressed paternal grandfather was convicted as a priest, uncle, mother’s brother – also condemned, both died, brothers and sisters, his father passed Stalin’s camps. Anna’s childhood had on the Great Patriotic War. Yet these years Anya remembered only joyful and light moments. Only joy and light and she lived even in the most difficult moments.

After the war, Anne’s mother, Irma takes her and her mother in Poland. They become “Dutch” and begins an incredibly hard life. Irma, graduated inyaz, looking for work, it becomes a cleaner, just to feed their families, and then begins to teach at the elementary school. Anna grows, singing and thinking about choosing a specialty. It draws well, he wants to become a professional artist, but his mother convinces her that the painting will not become a source of income, and Anya enters the Faculty of Geology. However, her life – a song, rather than geology, and still a student she begins to sing as part of a small student theater, and then passes the qualification exam and become an actress pop. During these years she met her future husband – Zbigniew, Zbyszek …

3 4 Touching and devotional attitude Zbigniew Anna – a hymn to love without words, active hymn of love. Even when she toured all over Poland as part polusamodeyatelnoy troupe, every Sunday Zbigniew came to their performances – always with flowers, always ready to support and help. In his autobiography, Anna writes that because it is necessary not only to her – any woman, “Zbyszek supported me. Just cuddle and stroked her hair, allowing you to cry her heart’s content. Women sometimes you just need to cry, it’s even better than a bouquet of flowers, but the flowers have always been. “5

Gradually, Anna Herman is becoming popular (cum geologist and she got put on the shelf) and travels to Italy for the contract. She wants to earn on an apartment my mother and grandmother, wants to sing …

In 1967 – ’31 Anya – a car accident. The driver, who drove out of town Forli Anna in Milan, fell asleep at the wheel. The driver only a broken arm. Anna – 49 fractures, coma, complete immobility of the whole body in plaster, partial amnesia, surgery and bedsores, doubt, be able to ever get up. Fear, pain, despair. And mom and Zbigniew that giving their all, the heart, the soul, to Anya regained consciousness. He suffered all stood up and sang again.

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Zbyszek born son, and Anna is revealed in the love of his son: “A woman without a child is nothing if you can not give birth to itself, it is necessary to adopt, adopt baby, because a baby to care for the greatest happiness in the world.”

Piano one of the most famous songs that she sang Anna German, “Nadezhda” (AN Pakhmutova – N. Dobronravov) sent her friend – music editor recording studio “Melody” Anna Katchalov when Herman was still in a cast and it was clear whether it will rise, there will come to the scene, will sing … The singer wrote about this: “When I have almost no strength left to fight for their longer life and the ability to move, Anya sent me” Hope “…. at a distance of felt that I needed. Hope I need that I can cope with a broken, rebellious body … Is it possible to make more sincere and timely gift? “.

Put in plaster, “his broken doll,” Anna thought with horror that beloved man spends her time, and she and her tragedy breaks his life. And he said to him that let him that he does not have to ruin the life to cripple that should meet your happiness …

Is it possible to love more than Zbyszek loved his Anna? In response to her confused words, he says he does not hope to share the joy with her only that he wanted to get her to a normal life, he hoped … that they will have children.

Zbigniew care of the woman he loves – the activity and gentle. He rents a piano and puts it in the next room: you start to go – will play. It calculates the load that it can withstand. Since the beginning of their acquaintance, and before her death he knows that she has to sing.

“I could not call his son otherwise than in the name of his dad” – Anna recognized. And care, said quietly, “I know that he will bring up the son of the way we have brought it along.”

But before he left for another 15 years. Through the efforts of the doctors, moms and Zbigniew Anna rises. Start walking. She begins to sing. She does not want to go to her concerts because she survived and rose after the terrible disaster. She wants to sing, to sing and wants only one thing – love. “The last thing we give love to those who love the most … Every person on earth wants to be not only loved, but did not forget about it in our everyday life … if the people came into the auditorium, I have a thousand times repeated on this beautiful feeling – love. I remind people that the most beautiful thing in life – love …. to everything that surrounds us, to life itself. ”


Anna sings very much in favor of the Soviet Union: “With sincere reception in Soviet cities, nothing beats … The main requirement of the tour in the Soviet Union – complete returns, each concert, the last in my life.”

And she sings each concert as the last. Singing about love, singing with love, she gives herself to the audience. But officials in the Soviet Union and Poland frown. That is organizing a concert in the Kremlin, and indignantly: “Again Herman? And that, my not? “. And in Poland, “Herman? His or something, no? “.

And it was his own. And in Poland, and the Soviet Union. After all, love is necessary for all, and politicians as well.


Anna lived modestly, to that taught her mother and grandmother. Sheila concert dress and shoes, because the high growth and large size are not allowed the opportunity to buy. I went on tour to earn a home for his family. He writes about it with a slight embarrassment, if the desire to live in the house indiscreet. But all my life it embodies apostolic postulate that she has made a surprisingly accurate – and seemed to have a presentiment of the abyss of “comfort”, which seeks peace.

“If everyone will take, who will give?”. She gave.

And when caught cancer, and when hope seemed to have almost was not, she gave. She sang and wrote the book. She prayed.

She was baptized in my grandmother’s faith and keenly felt the meaning of human life: “Man comes into this life to learn something – love, kindness, and the ability to forgive and to help … just enjoy each new minute … One is given one to each other. As conceived by him, probably to ensure that we were able to share, to help … But people do absolutely nothing, they decided that inequality makes it possible to take and not give. There are no non-elected. If we live on Earth, we have been chosen by Him for life. ”


Anna realizes that cancer is rapidly consuming power less time. She wrote her last book. It is named after a star, and she sees this? Great responsibility: it is necessary to “shine as good.”

And before she died, she writes and says, “I’m not hard to leave, I’m ready …” In consonance lines Vysotsky, “I have something to sing, appeared before the Almighty, I have something to justify himself in front of him.”