– Spoon for dad, for mum spoon, spoon for Aunt, a spoonful of kotyu … A familiar saying, is not it? And it is with her children the problem starts with the sensation of hunger and satiety and appetite regulation.

According to WHO statistics, 18% of people in the world suffer from obesity. Almost half a billion full, fat and fat people – can you imagine? In Russia, according to the latest data, every fifth child weighs more than it should. And the reasons for this sea. Fast food, snacks, soda and chocolate certainly make a contribution. But it’s not just them – not normalized nutrition, stress, and their habit of seizing starting with my grandmother, “do not cry, take candy”, increased calorie intake, a sedentary lifestyle – are the true roots of the problem. Toddler forced to eat against their will, more than he wants to severely limit all over the “bad”, causing a natural feeling of protest. The child does not have time to realize that he is hungry, has no opportunity to choose food. And it was in the first years of life, he gets a valuable learning experience, learning to listen to your body.

Subjects children

In 20-ies of XX century in the United States was an experiment (then medical ethics were other boundaries). Doctors organized a nursery for children from poor families, babies 6-11 months. Mother brought them for the day and went to work. Initially, the kids suffered from a lack of weight, anemia, diarrhea and indigestion. The doctors instructed nurses to arrange the dishes around children with different kinds of monoproduct – meat, milk, cheese, cereal, fruit, vegetables, etc. If the child stretched out her hands to some food, he ate it received and how much he wanted. For half a year the kids have eliminated the backlog of peers in weight and height, to get rid of constipation and diarrhea, and colic. As it turned out, the number and variety of food eaten by each individual baby, changed from day to day. Children can eat in the morning and do not eat in the evening, eat in one day twice more than usual, the other half, a few days eating only turkey or just bananas, jam boiled liver slices of mandarin – and no wonder. Fat people among them did not appear.

It is unlikely that someone from the modern parents have enough time and patience to exactly reproduce the experiment, and it is not suitable for all children. However, something can be done. Mashed potatoes, curds and yogurt for children in the age multivarok and blenders are easy to prepare on their own. The ideal is to feed the baby monoproduct – turkey sauce, baked pear, buckwheat porridge, etc. – And to give him a choice of several types of food. In reality, enough at least in the first years of life to avoid snacks, sweets, foods with flavor enhancers and increased calorie.

A healthy alternative

Trusting your child to choose a diet – a task that requires a conscious approach, and wisdom, and courage. Parents, remember: no one healthy baby had not died of starvation near the food. It should follow from what the child flatly refuses – may not digest cow’s milk or gluten, stomach ache from legumes or cabbage. Do not want a familiar food – offer a healthy alternative: peach or cucumber, cheese or cottage cheese, chicken breast and steamed trout. Wants only a “shakayadku” or “kafetku” – wait for the next meal. It happens that healthy children for months to agree only macaroni and cheese, baked potatoes or meatballs – alas, prevent useless.

Sugar for kids – like valerian for seals or lard for tits – quickly addictive. Therefore, until at least 2 years before the child is better not to sweeten any food or drink. Add in the children’s porridge, curds desserts and fruits, berries, vegetables and juices is a save and teeth, and the baby’s health. Instead factory offer sweets and dates dried apricots, carrot sticks and dried apples, bananas and prunes. Do not use a nipple instead of candies and caramels.

Older children will not harm biscuits for tea, a slice of chocolate cake or a slice of cake – sometimes, a little bit, and without fanaticism. If the child is much like some particular sweets (not snacks!), It is possible to agree that they buy once a week or a month, giving lovers of good control to consumption. But keep sweets in open access around the clock – is risky, very few kids resist the temptation to devour all in one sitting. If your child is prone to snacking, it’s better on the table is a bowl of apples, a plate of cut vegetables or cheese.

When I eat, I am deaf and dumb

Lots rites, rituals and traditions surrounding the family meal – not a whim of our ancestors, and folk wisdom, because of the atmosphere at the table depends on the appetite and digestibility of food. Eat only at the kitchen or dining room, turning off the radio, TV and the smartphone does not allow children to read or play at the table. Desserts and goodies better separated from the main meals, offering sweets in the morning, at lunch or snack, to have time to fully assimilate the calories.

Generally it is best to break the associative array “= sweet holiday”, “candy = reward.” Then grew up the child does not climb up in a head to reward yourself for good behavior cakes. Therefore, it is better not to associate holidays with visits to restaurants, fast food establishments and lukullovymi feasts.

When the soul asks “holiday stomach”, arrange a meeting or the first strawberries of the first watermelon, day or salad rolls, Indian or Italian cooking party. During the Christmas, Easter and other festive feasts make emphasis on the spiritual dimension of treats: Tell your child that symbolizes a particular dish, why is it cooked and served that way. Try to reduce the number and total amount of delicacies without losing quality – then enjoy the meal turns into gluttony. But do not hold your baby to be useful, but meager and tasteless diet – your child will start to go on a visit for treats and will overeat to vomiting, bursting out of the nest. Even if food restrictions are medical in nature, you can find something to please the little sweet tooth without any harm to his health.

Chips – fight!

Wean baby from harmful food, accustomed to “junk” food – candy bars, chips, crackers and sausages – not an easy task. And to begin to solve it, of course, you need to yourself, if Mom and Dad do not sit with a beer and cakes at the TV and do not chew on the move easier for children to imitate their elders. Block and frighten useless – school children, particularly the youngest, will find a way to eat: borrow from friends, or accumulate surrender, God forbid, to steal the coveted chocolate.

For a start is better to minimize contact with harmful food be removed from the home diet, do not go to fast food places, do not buy on the street. Start to monitor the child’s expenses may convert them to non-cash form – with the cards difficult to buy too much. Economically child can be stimulated, adding to the treasury or to the same card the money is not spent on junk food. Clever useful to tell, from what do snacks as flavor enhancers working as excessive calorie foods affect the body.

Alternatively, it can work really good food – accustom the baby to sour cream, Swiss chocolate and French baking, make the chips and fries at home, place a wide variety of culinary experiments. Teach your son or daughter to cook: start with sandwiches, simple scrambled eggs and milk shakes in a shaker, and when the base is mastered, studied the properties of the products and create sophisticated dishes together. Little gourmet quickly learn to understand the high-quality food.

Gingerbread Man and reed

In children, especially during adolescence, rapidly changing body. Weight comes and goes, rises and falls. Raskormit healthy child to obesity – not an easy task, it takes more than one year of bad diet and sedentary life. A teenager can be formed and plump and lean, and rounded and muscular. Do not scold a daughter or son for alleged excess weight, do not focus on it, does not hang like a hawk over the plate beloved offspring. A child who eats a healthy diet and moves at least a few hours a day, weighs as much as his body needed at the moment.

It is important to convey this simple message to teenage girls addicted to diets. From the desire to look pale reed to anorexia – one step. Over and over again, and repeat on their own example shows that a good figure – is, first of all, physical activity, sports, walking and dancing. Move along, get some active hobbies. Throw in a prominent place a book on healthy eating for teenagers. And often tell my daughter, how beautiful she is!

If we talk about personal experience, I myself belong to the category of plus-size bed, a large part of the relatives on both female lines too. I have two teenage daughters, quite different in physique and health, but none of them does not suffer obesity or addiction to unhealthy food. The eldest daughter, energetic, skinny, has a great appetite, eat all that give no problems with the power supply has not been since early childhood. Younger rather plump, very picky eating habits, does not like fried and fatty, intuitively reject the food which it is not appropriate. Both girls were never forced to eat up until the end, and in general is, if you do not want. For several years we are with them every two or three weeks went to the “McDonald’s” and then stopped, lost interest. Sweet home in the public domain, but it does not happen every day. Soda factory sauces, canned food, meat products and convenience foods virtually none. Lollipop, chips, crackers, and other snacks are not prohibited, but I do not buy them, and the children, if they want to spend it on their pocket money. Both love the meatballs and burgers, soup and mushroom soup, rice and buckwheat, fruit and ice cream, chocolate and fruit drops, but do not overeat and do not dwell on the sweets. Both already know how to cook.

“The drug and poison are the one, the only difference is the dosage.” In choosing the proper nutrition strategies for children try to keep the golden mean, avoiding and hypercontrol and connivance. With a healthy approach to eating boys and girls themselves prefer apple candy, soda juice, homemade burgers – Burger eatery. And it is right!