To bring the festival, try to decorate the house with his own hands. How to do it creatively and inexpensively, tell Layfhaker.


Magic Christmas tree

This Christmas tree have to do with family. First, you definitely need some help. Second, it will give the creation of a lot of happy emotions. Inspiration can visit directly in the process: to add a Christmas tree all came to mind the creative details.


But this option is ideal for fans of country style, warm interiors and natural materials. The construction should start from the bottom by placing branches overlap each other, and fasten with the help of small nails or wire harness.


If you read a lot, you can not imagine life without a good book , transform their bookshelf in the Christmas tree!


The best option for a tree nursery or a small bedroom – stylized composition on the wall. This tree is not only creates a Christmas mood, but also can act as a visualizer desires. Decorate your wall beautiful toys that symbolize what would you like to achieve in the coming year. The power of visualization and New Year’s magic will bring you to the cherished goals .


And here is an idea for a DIY-tree table. Take the grid for packing flowers, cut into strips 10 cm thick. Wrap them around a paper cone, using PVA glue, let dry. Remove the paper, attach the garland to the Christmas tree and toys with the help of pins. Original and compact tree is ready!


Christmas wreath

This element of the decor is traditionally decorate the house in Western countries for Christmas and New Year. However, in Russia many liked the idea of the atmospheric decoration. The basis for the Christmas wreath you can buy at the store or do it yourself. Often used a flexible plastic, grapevine, wire, straw, foam, textiles, even empty plastic bottles. When choosing a foundation is based on the future design of a wreath, to simplify its creation.

For example, such a Christmas wreath is perfect thin metal hoop: just tie up at him with New Year’s bows print.


To warm decor elements enveloped the house, use the items or knitted yarn. Balls of yarn can be simulated wound yarn Styrofoam balls of different diameters.Strengthen their best on fabric using needle and thread.


Another variant of the warm wreath. Use an old scarf and decorate it to your taste.


A great idea for Christmas home decoration sweet tooth. Secure Christmas candy sticks with glue and transparent adhesive tape: cute edible wreath sure will please your guests.


Old thin wire hanger is perfect for creating a wreath. Give the main part of a circle hook leave. It attaches to the base ornaments you can use glue gun. In this embodiment, it is fir cones and bow. What you come up with?


And a wreath perfectly fit the interior of this festive wine connoisseurs. For him, you can not even use the base: mount the plug together with glue. When the design is ready, garnish it with a sprig of spruce, balls and beads.



Christmas garlands

Be creative and do not only original, but also an element of fragrant Christmas decor, which immediately creates a special mood in the home. Make a garland simple: collect and dry fir cones, cut from orange peel any figures, put randomly on the twine, ribbon or lace. You can add a spruce twigs and multicolored beads.


Interesting idea – to make a garland of ornaments on the Christmas tree: multicolored balloons will look great on the bright beads.


Garland of pompons, made with his own hands, will please the eye. Create a self-help fotorukovodstvo decoration.


The original decoration of windows

In Christmas Decorations window can create a sense of magic and harmony like no other holiday decor.


Rediscover snowflakes

Big Snowflake – unexpected, but stylish solution for home decorating to the New Year.


And that’s a great idea for a “Star Wars” fans: decorate your house themed snowflakes. Of course, cut them is not so easy, but how real fans saga it will stop? Diagrams look here .