Fear of mistakes, misunderstanding prevents many people, stopping them on the path to success. About how white sheet technique helped the young writer to forget about fears and gain worldwide fame, tell a teacher and coach Andrei Yakomaskin.



American writer Elbert Hubbard wrote:

The biggest mistake you can make in life – is constantly afraid of making a mistake.
Listening to the stories of talented people, every time I note to myself that they are mostly woven from the findings of the commission after repeated mistakes. We all understand how important it is to make mistakes, because that is what teaches us to be wiser in the future.

MK Asante, contemporary writer and the youngest professor of the State University of R. L. Morgan, once discovered a wonderful way to realize the value of the fear of making mistakes.

When he was a troubled teenager student in the alternative school Philadelphia English teacher put before him a white sheet of paper and said:

– Write.

– Write what? – he asked.

– Whatever you want.

This simple answer changed his life.

Recalling this event, Asante wrote: “I was looking at a blank sheet of white glowing ocean in which lurked the possibility. His emptiness called me to tell his story. But I could not. I was frightened and froze. There were things that I wanted to tell, but my hand did not move, but the words stuck as water under the ice. ”

Then the teacher said, the most important words in his life:

To start, you need not be great, but to be a great need to get started.
At that moment he realized that the white sheet – it is he, that every man that stops the fear to make mistakes and to be misunderstood.

Already a well-known, Asante went to the Pennsylvania prison to hold prisoners with a seminar on the writer’s art . There he met the young men who have decided to completely change your life.

Leaving there, he discovered that one of the participants on behalf of the Jordan in the chamber no mattress.

– I have it, but I do not sleep on it, – said Jordan.

– On what do you sleep?

– On the hard floor, the iron frame. Anywhere, but not on the mattress. You see, – he continued, – I can not sleep on this. Too comfortable, and I do not want comfort in such a place.

Comfortable mattress to Jordan reconciled with the fact that the effects are irreversible errors. And then he would not have managed to escape from these conditions to achieve more.

At this point, Asante gave Jordan a clean white sheet.

Each of us – the same list that is waiting to record new achievements have been made on it. Write your story every day. And remember: only the fear of the white sheet makes the usual great work of history.

I wish you success!