Good. Until a couple of years ago I started as an amateur in cycling. And it’s been a year since I started my first bike route. Until then little by little I was growing up. And I still lack. But every day I cheat more cycling. So here I show you my last bike. I’ve been setting up until now.

The previous one was a series 4 GT. With improved components. It cost me a total of $ 500. Above 200 in improvements.

Then, collecting some money upstairs, I started to build a new bike. Selling the above and passing some components. I started with the box ..

In specific the picture is a very accurate replica of a Cannondale SuperSix hi evo mod. Size 50, Not original. But, despite that. It is a picture of good quality carbon fiber. And in which. I have found out in specialized houses in which I have been told that it is an excellent painting despite not being a legitimate cannondale.

This comes to be the picture. I got $ 600. Including steering set, fork and center box! Bb30. 1

The type of plate and alleys I installed was a fsa gossamer for bb30. Serca about 130 dollars


Then buy an advance that agreed with the bike. A breakthrough carbon fiber brand future. 110 dollars 4

‘m still working on improvements. Since the transmission is pinions 9 but will
spend to 10. So let my other bike. It’s components. So I use a Shimano tiagra along with the set of brakes.

The cams I got are Aram sram for 10 pinion and ultra derailleur. 5

They cost me about $ 170 between the cams and the derailleur.

Then I passed the remaining components of my previous bike. Like the wheels. The pinion. And the automatic pedals. I proceeded to assemble the painting.

Soon I intend to buy the missing sram Apex equipment. Or go directly to an ultegra game of 11. Along with mavic wheels. So far the result is this: 6






Slowly I finished. Moving from aluminum to carbon fiber feels the difference. Absorbs impacts very well. And it’s practically very light. He is currently weighing about 8 kg without the accessories.

Also increase the pace of 20 km per day to 40 km per day. I hope to progress because since I started pedaling I have not stopped and I doubt I will soon.

Good. I hope you like it. I listen opiñones and if they want to ask questions I am to the orders !!12