Many athletes say that sex before competition have a negative impact on results. True or myth – versed scholars, doctors and trainers.


What do the athletes

Examples of the negative attitude to sex before the race quite a lot.

Boxer Muhammad Ali (Muhammad Ali) deliberately abstained from sex for a few weeks before the fight. He believed that sex gives people a sense of physical and emotional satisfaction, and this can have a negative impact on motivation before the competition. Why fight for the award, if you are already good?

Athlete world-class Marty Liquori (Marty Liquori) said that sex makes you happy, and happy people do not run a mile (1 kilometer 609 meters) for 3 minutes 47 seconds.

In Brazil sex is not. This is not a holiday trip, and the World Cup!

Safet Sušić (Safet Susic), coach of the national football team of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Such thinking assumes that the libido is quite palpable force that can be exhausted, and the person becomes weaker.

What scientists say

Scientific research does not support that view. A meta-analysis of studies on the subject, published in 2000 in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, showed that sexual activity has no effect on athletic performance.

During the experiment   [1]of Boone, of Tommy, and S. The Gilmore.«Effects of Sexual Intercourse on Maximal Aerobic Power, Oxygen Pulse, and Double Product in Male Sedentary Subjects.» The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 35.3 (1995): 214-17.Print.
Conducted by Dr. Tommy Boone (Tommy Boone) in 1995, measured the effectiveness of running men on the treadmill. Members of one group did not have sexual intercourse for 12 hours before the test, the members of the second group had sex. As a result, participants in both groups, no difference was found between the indicators such as aerobic capacity, oxygen pulse and blood pressure.


In the course of an earlier study (Journal of Sex Research, 1968) compared the results of the test force of men who have not had sexual intercourse for six days prior to the experiment, and those who have enjoyed doing this on the night before the test. The difference in results is also not revealed.

Sports doctor Metzel Jordan (Jordan Metzel) is also inclined to believe that there is no direct scientific evidence to support the sex harm to the athletes before competition. In fact, there are lots of other factors that may affect the results. For example, the lack of good rest and lack of sleep. The manager of the baseball club New York Yankees Casey Stengel (Casey Stengel) once joked on this subject: “It’s not the sex did not give players enough sleep, and his quest for the whole night.”

But like fun right before the start – a bit of a different story. Four cardiologist from Switzerland conducted their investigation and examining the results, suggested that having sex for two hours before the start of the competition may have a negative impact on athletic performance.

So you should not worry about the influence of sex on your effectiveness as an athlete, if you were doing it for a week, a few days or even the night before the competition.

Sex does not require a lot of energy, and increases the level of testosterone, which has a positive effect on the performance of athletes.

Doctor Alexander Olshanetsky says sports performance women after orgasm even improve, so if you think of the beautiful half of humanity, you can not survive. The more orgasms, the more chances to win a gold medal   [2]of Quinn, by Jennifer.“The myths of sex before sport. ” BBC News.British Broadcasting Corporation, August 12, 2004. Web.October 23, 2013. .


Should I have sex on the night before the competition, or defer it for later – you decide. It all depends on the general condition of the body and what lifestyle you were at least a few weeks before the start. It should take into account the quality and quantity of sleep and rest, proper nutrition, stress at work, carry-forward of the disease, training schedule and the injuries – every item listed may have a decisive and not always a positive effect. You probably do not sleep enough because of the strong emotions before the start, and not because of the quality of sexual exercise . By the way, the sex – pretty good hypnotic. Maybe it is worth to take the risk?